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Hi Everyone


I've been looking at the videos posted on and there are quite a few book trailers - I was wondering if most of you make your own and if not how much do they cost you? Also they don't get many views on this network - how helpful do you find them to be and do you put them on your own website etc?


As I create online video content I'm keen to know how I can support authors more than I do and maybe creating book trailers is a good idea. Right now I interview authors in person if they live near me, or over skype if they're in another country. These I capture on video for each author to use in their marketing campaign. 


I'd love your feedback on my service too if you have time and interest.


How I work is I read the book and create a number of questions - we then film/skype for about an hour or so and then I edit the video to create approx 10 small 1 question/answer videos. I create the youtube channel if necessary and then upload them all but I don't make them live all at the same time. It's good to make them live one by one usually as a lead up to the launch of the book. I charge about $1000.00 for this service (£600.00 over here in the UK) and that includes me making an audio pod of the soundtrack which can then be sent on the radio interviewers etc.


Please let me know what you think.


Many thanks, Francesca

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Good for you Francesca. Doing something like a book trailer is something out of my reach in more ways than just financially. I'd like to also invite you to - www. - There you can join several writing groups and further spread what you offer to other writers. If I screwed up the link, let me know. It really is a great place.


Thanks Anna - I'm already a basic member of LinkedIn.  Are there any specific authors groups you can recommend I join?
I belong to Aspiring Writers, Aspiring Writers Blogs (a sub-group), Books and Writers, The Writers Network, Write On Networkers, Writers Cafe, and Writum. Some of them aren't all that active (or maybe I've just lost the threads). I'm going to have to check up on that.
Wow aren't there a lot? Thanks Anna.
haha - I just joined a couple more. Interesting place. Interesting people.
Thanks Lori, but viewing videos is only a portion of my problem in working with them. They take up too much of my web allowance. One day when I have a better connection, I'll be looking into book trailers.
Yeah, I know all that, but I gotta create them first. And even if you, or someone else created them, I'd still want to approve it.

This is very interesting as I am currently wondering whether to acquire a video trailer for my new book, and I didn't know how to go about it. While I have extremely tight funds at the moment and therefore would be more inclined to try a DIY format, it is useful to know about the resource for future reference.

Thank You

I have made video trailers for both my current books.  Using windows movie maker and photos from dreamstime and another place I am completely forgetting what its called.  They do have quite a few "free" images that you can choose from that are all royalty free.  The photos that I used I purchased because they were exactly what I wanted and I am not one to compromise.  I also purchased the royalty free music from another site. 


My videos are everywhere - of course on Youtube, here, facebook, I post them on twitter, they are on my blog, my website and my amazon author page. I have gotten a good response back from them.  I really enjoy making them too. 


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