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Post a brief and sharp description on here of your book and enclose a link.


We all should promote the comment on our facebook and twitter sites. Keep the publicity cycle going.


And the best thing of;s free!!!!!



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Great idea Steve Norris. Would love someone who shamelessly enjoys psychological thrillers to check out my novel which can be found at RomThrillMe.

Aimed at women, set in Tasmania, Australia. A quick read with subtle literary references that don't get in the way of a good story...

I want to post some of my book, but I can't


People want me to

So I'm new to this, so how does this work?

I agree with you on this.  I've tried several times to post excerpts from a manuscript that I've completed and am currently looking at publishing options on.  It seems that most likely I will end up having to selp publish this first novel of mine.  The thing is, i would like to get some feed back on it by posting a few excepts from the book throughout the chapters.  This is not going to be a guage of encouragement or discouragement on whether or not I go through with the self publishing, but rather to gauge should I consider changes or not.  I would like to post excerpts for members of this group for some feedback.  I attempted to get some Agents to represent me and submit it to publishers, but the general feed back was that there was no interest of book of this kind at this time.  The setting is in the 70's and follows a group of friends during their three years of high school life.  This is planned to be the first book in a triology of these friends.  They are close friends, exceptional athelets and live in a middle to lower class mostly black neighborhood.  During their three years of high school they are going through a period of intergration at the schools in their city which brings about difficulties and conflicts they now must deal with along with growing up in a tough neighborhood while trying to acheive goals they've set for themselves in athletics.  Would anyone one in this group be interested in reading excepts and commenting on them....

The Wolfen Strain (Just Released), #1 on horror and #2 on the thriller slot for 30-day bestsellers at BookStrand.


Seth Anson, a lovelorn forest ranger, never thought that he would shoot the first eligible woman he met after his divorce. Nor did he think that he would fall in love with her after nursing her back to health. But he certainly isn’t prepared to find out that she is the result of a DNA cloning experiment gone horribly wrong and, is in fact, a hybrid wolf/human. To complicate matters, she also has no idea of her true identity.

Seth finds out early on that Melina Salinger is a handful. He mistakenly believes that she suffers from hypertrichosis (werewolf syndrome), and that she has escaped from a care facility. She confesses later that she has been confined in an underground missile silo by her geneticist father, Davis Salinger, and the only thing she knows about everyday life has been gleaned from video movies and television. Now she wants to be a normal girl.

It isn’t easy trying to indoctrinate a woman into society who pants, growls and thinks that Emerald City is a real place somewhere over the rainbow. The ritual shavings and skin maintenance are enough to drive him crazy. Moreover, when she goes into a feverish estrus cycle, sex and passion seem like blunt-force trauma.

Just when Seth thinks he has things under control, Melina becomes deathly ill. Her mysterious father shows up to offer aid, and then shockingly confesses that she carries ancient wolf DNA. After recovering, Melina, shamed and traumatized by this knowledge, becomes suicidal and runs away. Only her father left out the part about her other littermate – a grotesque monster, Romulus, has just broken out of the silo compound. Romulus is bent on finding her for the purpose of mating and will kill anyone who gets in his way.

Seth has to use his skills as a ranger to find Melina in the Wyoming wilderness. He has Romulus out in front of him, the National Guard, the sheriff’s office, a maniac cryptozoologist, and every monster-hunting vigilante in the state hot on his heels. He has to decide if it is guilt that drives him on his quest to find Melina, or that somehow, this wild and beautiful female was destined to be the love of his life.

The Wolfen Strain examines the lurid morality issues that are dealt with in The Island of Doctor Moreau. Yet the predominant theme is that of forbidden love, found in Beauty and the Beast, only with the gender rolls reversed

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Latricia Chandler said:

 cool , I will add everyone to mine too


The Mystical Vampire

here is my link for it

"A Master Mariner's Tale" takes the reader on a journey exposing them to the life of mariners on the high seas on board the collier brigantine "The William Thrift". First, the reader is given a graphic description of the social history of the town of Seaham, a small coastal town in County Durham, which forms the backdrop to the story. Along the way they begin to learn the real working practices of sailors transporting coals from the Durham collieries to coal hungry towns along the east coast of England and to London. 

The novel introduces Richard Raine, captain of the "William Thrift" who tirelessly works to make his ship as seaworthy and safe for his crew as possible in a time when shipowners operated leaking, dangerous, floating deathtraps that resulted in an annual fatality rate of 2 out of every 100 mariners. Richard could never have imagined the adventure and danger he was to encounter when he sailed out of Seaham Harbour in April 1881. More than 130 years later this mystery and espionage story is finally uncovered and his real story - "A Master Mariner's Tale" - is eventually told. This historical novel is available on Amazon at: -

Added the nautical one


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