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For a limited time only I'm offering a TOTALLY FREE DOWNLOAD of the first book in my fantasy series titled "Reeshard and The Great Parish Swamp". I'm thinking if readers really enjoy the first book they might be willing to purchase the second. Within the first 8 hours I've managed multiple downloads & my first sale on book 2. I realize its not really anything to boast about but I do see it as a positive start. If you'd like a copy feel free to stop in at: Smashwords / Free E-Book and grab one while they're still free. At the same time I'd like to know your thoughts about this type of promotion technique. Thanks, W.J. ONeil

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I think it does work, and it is something I am considering when I release my third book. I think that if my first one is free for a while, people will be more likely to buy the second and third to complete the trilogy, and of course then I will continue the series and have a willing audience. It is definitely a proven strategy. My editor also did the same with her books, and they are selling very steadily and successfully. You have nothing to lose!


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