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These are my favorite subjects and I love talking about them.  If anyone has a question, I'd be thrilled to try to answer it.  In most of my books, Swords are prevalent so I've done a lot of research, plus I know someone who teaches it for a living and he's done a wonderful job of answering some of my inane questions.  I also grew up around horses and I think I've explored a good deal to do with them.  Then there's magic:  That is also prevalent in my books; I've taken great pleasure in experimenting with different rules. 

The discussion is open - Let's hear it for fiction.

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Ooh - well that's cool. There's a group in Anchorage I guess - I don't get to town more than once a year maybe. It' might be interesting to talk to someone though. Thanks.

Mariah de la Croix said:

Oh, I'm sorry if I made you think they have forums or chat pages or anything like that.  I do apologize.  You'll have to contact your Principality, via email, and let them know what type of person you're interested in talking to and why.  The Seneschal for the area will either forward your email on to a Knight or someone else.  You may also look into when they hold their weekly practices and just attend one.  They do welcome mundanes attending and watching their stuff.  Good Luck, but if you'd like me to look into who you would contact in your area, I'll be happy to do that as I kind of know my way around with them - I was a member for over 16 years, but the fun kind of wore off for me.  LOL
Anna L. Walls said:

I looked into the link and didn't find any forums. It was interesting though. The original name for Alaska - I never would have guessed. Lots of awesome history - food for some future story, I'm sure. haha

I'd love to corroborate with you. Just like rules of physics, or anything else for that matter, magic should have rules too. It's kinda fun to set up some kind of feasible rules and then remember to stay within them.

Juan Gonzalez, Jr. said:

I've just started to write my novel a few weeks ago so I will most likely have some questions for you because it will have both swords and magic.  I think its interesting that you mention the different rules of magic.  This is something I've been thinking about with my story.  There has to be a limit or consequence to using magic.  Hope to be in contact with you, Anna.


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