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The Shimmer (Vanguard Press, ISBN 9781593155377, Hardcover, 352pp) is an engrossing and suspense packed thriller from the pen of Rambo creator, David Morrell. Set in and around the fictional Rostov, Texas, The Shimmer’s about mysterious lights in the sky near the small town. Are they so much more than they appear to be or just some geological anomaly as some think? An out of town policeman’s search to discover their source unveils centuries old sightings, hidden government projects and that his marriage is suddenly in turmoil.

There’s action from the story’s outset. Dan Page, our Santa Fe cop, witnesses from the air the fatal end to a disastrous car chase he’s involved in. After the debriefing, he quits for the day. Upon arrival home, he finds his wife Tori has disappeared. Page finds her eventually outside the small town of Rostov, sitting almost catatonic at an observation deck in the middle of nowhere. Tori tells Page she’s watching for the mysterious Rostov Lights she remembers from childhood. Page, understandably upset and confused about what’s going on with his wife and her reasons for her sudden departure, is even more so when he sees the impact these lights have upon her.

Crowds come from miles around hoping to catch a glimpse of the unexplained phenomena. What’s unusual about these stunningly beautiful lights is that not everyone sees them, even when standing shoulder to shoulder. Those who do experience different reactions to the sighting. Some may feel a euphoria, while others can feel a rage. What is it about these lights that creates such a wide spectrum of emotion and this overriding compulsion to always be close to their mystical luminosity? No one has ever come close to solving their existence. But when a deranged man fires a rifle into the lights and the crowd gathered at the viewing platform one night, Page becomes more deeply embroiled in finding out.

I enjoyed The Shimmer very much and this fast-paced mystery’s intricacies. Thanks to the presence of comprehensively developed characters, the lights shine in more ways than one for the reader and from many perspectives.

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It is, Jason. I really enjoyed it and what's also very interesting is the backstory to it.I posted a video where David Morrell's talking about it on my site here. These lights were inspired by a real-life reoccurring phenomenon in a small Texan town. The movie star James Dean even witnessed them.

Jason McConnell said:

That sounds like a really good book.


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