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     F. John Surells and myself have nearly completed a book to be entitled "The Students Of The Highway." Most of it was written by us, but there are contributions from others; and the book includes four poems. As far as I know, this will be the second book "penned" by members of what we refer to as our "artistic enclave." And while I'm certain this book is a good literary effort, it's obviously not a "The Same Tapes," which is, in my opinion, a landmark effort.

     And the term "students of the highway" of course refers to one of the four genres of mankind. It's the appelation used to designate those mortals who, at whatever point they may find themselves in their earthly lives, still have not decided which "path" or genre of life they should follow during those lives. And of course, some of those mortals will constantly remain unsure of what they really wish to accomplish during their sojourns on earth; therefore they'll continue as students of the highway for some while longer, or perhaps even for their entire mortal existences.

     But our specific book deals with the events which occurred in our city during the span of time in which the loves of my and John's lives had left for Paris. It also relates what befell John and I as we attempted to bring them home from there. Thus, it's another example, as was "The Same Tapes," of the so-called "move-novel," or written piece which actually discloses a number of smaller, and one larger plot within the same grouping of words or - book.

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