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                                       Written By: Orlon Braem



            With the fearful possibilities of losing both their personal freedoms and their nation’s long-standing position of prestige is how Americans of this current time have now been forced to view the future. And, to add to that, they now face the possibility of harassment by a number of three lettered agencies, such as the one that collects taxes, and those supposedly engaged in investigation etc. And while some use all available political tricks and falsehoods in their attempts to obfuscate this fact, its actuality remains:  America is nearing scenarios similar to those once confronted by late 1780’s France, early 1930’s Germany, and the remnants of the Roman Empire in the fifth century A.D.. Yet, instead of showing a willingness to combat those trends, many Americans are now advocating the supposed need of bringing more foreigners into their country, while simultaneously falling prey to the dangerous rhetoric of what let’s term “the travelling political carpetbaggers and clowns of 2016.” Oh yes, according to one candidate, one of the sexes is dreadfully inferior to the other, and according to the other candidate, who is a member of the supposed inferior sex, a large portion of Americas citizens are deplorable and irredeemable.  

            But personally, I’d like to think I’ve done what I can to support the cause of human rights. And in this context I use the phrase “the cause of human rights” to refer to not only the threats offered society by such people of wealth who are abusive and/or obsessed with the ability to gain political leverage, but also to the dictatorial wishes of such political figures whose apparent need for power is fueled by their hidden hatreds and inflated egos.

            Yet, I’m only one person – only one person who was asked by his friend to write a two part piece concerning how life continually changes. And, maybe, for as long as the breath of human life remains within me, I’ll not be released from what I refer to as the personifications of years gone by. Yes, America is a nation of immigrants, but this is the twenty first century, not the nineteenth. And years ago immigrants usually came here legally; and they believed their work here would be rewarded, but nowadays of course many, and perhaps most come here illegally, and seek to live here only off the labors of others.     

            I once lived in a wealthy area of our city’s upper north side. But then the man who’s become the de facto leader of our city convinced me to relocate to the lower north side – near the river – where he and many artistic types now reside. And now, today, instead of being able to enjoy our existences here, we find them threatened by political figures who are attempting to reinterpret past mistakes they made. And if such people seize power in this nation, who will be targeted for intimidation? And will organized crime begin to play a significant role in American politics?

            Today, those in America who try to live in the right are being targeted by those who cling to what’s left. And those who are left are convinced they’re right. And on November 8th, perhaps for the last time, we’ll be able to say that the United States of America is a great nation.

            And why won’t they tell us what really happened in Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and most of all Bengazi, Libya? And why won’t they stop foreigners from overrunning this nation? And why won’t they stop meddling in the affairs of nations which are at peace? And why won’t they make war infested areas safe for the residents of such areas to remain in; instead of simply “dropping those residents off” in other parts of the world?

            And who was it who sought to overthrow the regimes of what admittedly were Middle Eastern dictators, but sought to do so before the populaces of those nations were capable or prepared to live in what we still are able to term “freedom” in America? And who gave terrorists a free hand to dominate various Middle Eastern nations?

            And isn’t it tiring, and in fact shameful, how the leaders of this land continually attempt to instigate meaningless controversies, unsubstantiated innuendo, and worthless gossip in an effort to denigrate the character and honor of those they see as political opponents? And why are they constantly trying to subjugate the citizens of the U.S.? And why are they always seeking to take away more of their life choices?

            On the last day of my residence on the far north side, I found myself opening the gate to the garden which is a part of the property which I had recently sold there. And as I entered that garden for what I supposed would be the last time, I found myself wondering about mankind’s first garden and its gate. They say cherubim with fiery swords stand before that gate and guard that garden now. And I’ve been told that because men and women couldn’t live as they were instructed to, they were banished from that garden to live on then in an environment too often fraught with wickedness, violence, jealousy, fear, hatred, and the often unwarranted dependence of certain mortals upon others; but then, had it not been for the commission of transgressions, the human could have remained immortal already during its earthly existence, not needing to wait for death to trigger that change and, who knows, perhaps never even dying upon the earth.

            But, oh God I’m worried today! I fear my way of life may soon be ending. And obviously my relocation to the lower north side will greatly affect me, especially given that I’ll now be residing amongst mostly creative type individuals. Yet, my far greater fear is what will happen in my native land after its residents elect a president who cares more about him or herself than about them.

And surely undocumented so-called refugees will pose a great threat to this society if in no other way than their competition for the small amount of jobs still available here. Yet, they’ll offer a still greater threat to unleash terrorism upon the American public. Soon all Americans will need to fear every location, and every action which they once considered safe; and residents of the U.S. will need to live in the constant paranoia accrued from their knowledge of the fact that their very lives are now constantly threatened. Yet, such is the price some political figures would have the American populace pay so that a new class of potential voters could possibly be provided for their political party’s efforts in both this current, and future elections.

And some assigners of guilt, who themselves are probably far more guilty of wrongdoing than you or I ever could be, are travelling across our native land today. And while some of them are telling us that more foreigners are needed in this land because many of the people who were born here are now deplorable and irredeemable, others are saying that what’s really occurring here now is some sort of sexual escapade in which one sex degrades the other, and then, most likely, vice versa.

But maybe those who set themselves up as God’s gifts to mankind might be well served to check whether they’re even doing His will today when they lambast, criticize, and denigrate their fellow Americans. And here’s a word of advice to those travelling political prophets:  Get down off your elevated podiums upon which you sometimes charge huge fees to “honor” your guests with your words of hatred, negativity, and egotism. Leave the American people alone! No one wants either of you. Go away somewhere until after November 8, 2016, and then return and perhaps read (or sing if you prefer) the hymn “I Know That My Redeemer Lives.” And then, after you read or sing that hymn, think about who and what really is the only entity qualified to determine whether any mortal is really to be deplored and left forever without redemption, or whether any mortal, because of his or her sex, is really inferior to anyone else, no matter of what sex.

And fortunately for The United States of America, the shameful saga which was the presidential campaign of 2016 will soon be over. But unfortunately for its citizens, they’ll then be left with a commander in chief who cares not about them, but rather about either him or herself only. And on that election night, the winner will tell America that either he or she is going to “bring America together.” But he or she will do no such thing! America is deeply rent asunder, and those who have sought the presidency in 2016 are greatly to blame for that fact. And after November 8th, the American people will have no recourse except to attempt to ignore the person then occupying the white house; yet, that most likely won’t be an easy thing to do.  That new occupant’s desire for control will no doubt force him or her to meddle into the affairs of all Americans.   

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