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    Written By: Orlon Braem

            They say we shouldn’t write one sentence paragraphs. So, to comply with them, and to pay our apparently required homage to those who are now trying to force our servitude of them via liberalism or conservatism, let’s lay down our pens for a moment now, get up, and yell as loudly as we can, “I’m going to enjoy these final days, before the lords of correctness wrest away my freedoms.”

            And maybe we shouldn’t be so literal so early on here – but let’s be it anyway! Today, although both major American political parties claim that the other spews hate and negativity, let’s remember that actually a strong argument could be made that both of them are, in effect one party. In general the voting populous of the U.S. is naïve and uniformed. It doesn’t understand that both parties represent those of their own elected officials first, and then big money second, no matter where that money emanates from; yet surely most of it comes from wealthy individuals, political organizations, supposedly non-political organizations which have vested interests in certain candidates, pro and anti-abortion groups, pro and anti-labor groups, pro and anti-gun control groups, etc. And so, these groups receive representation in the federal and various state governments, but the average American citizen does not. And if anyone ever doubted that what has just been said here is true, he or she need only to objectively and forthrightly look at and study the current presidential race in the U.S. But in order to do that, of course one must be able to set aside any political leanings one may have. And, probably, after having made such an objective study of these candidates, one will deduce that both of them are undesirable. Yet, what’s perhaps of even more importance in this current presidential race is the fact that both political parties have suffered dissention and bickering amidst their own ranks during it. And in this struggle for the supposed control of Washington D.C., both candidates, as well as many prominent members of both political parties, and indeed the whole Democratic/Republican political apparatus as it currently exists in the U.S. have all been exposed as tools of wealthy elitists and political insiders.      

            And now back to a more “normal” script. I’ve learned that it’s apparently necessary to flood my native land with foreigners who hate it. And I’ve also been made aware of the fact that we must accommodate undocumented and unknown outsiders, some of whom have come here for the purpose of terrorizing us. And, I guess there’s no one here to calm my apprehensions when, at any time of day, my random thoughts, unswerving fears, and fading optimism may combine to say these words which most likely only Americans of years gone by could have identified with: “Gosh, I wish this nation had a president once again who only did these three following things: 1. Upheld the Constitution of this land, 2. Kept America safe through its interactions both domestic and foreign, and 3. Made sure that all facets of our federal government, and those of its various bureaucracies which are really needed, operated efficiently without waste or fraud, or the harassment of any American because of his or her political viewpoints.”

            And twenty three hours have passed now since this current day, in its innocence, and in its status as only another day lived where freedom is slowly dying, dawned upon a planet in peril. But the thoughts I recall just now are fright-filled. And those which may have held hope for the future have been clouded within my memory. And when I search to access them, I summon forth only outlines of past goodness enshrouded now by the fog of social ills and social isms.

            And it’s like I’m on a Ferris wheel of revolving time, separated by units of varying durations. But my thoughts keep straying to this phony togetherness – to this contrived oneness. God in heaven can you tell me who granted the leaders of this land the ability to arbitrarily give our enemies huge amounts of hard earned taxpayer monies? And who is allowing those leaders to swamp this nation with so-called refugees who’ll then threaten the financial as well as the very physical well-being of its natural born citizens?

            Today it looks as though America is dying. But maybe it already has been for a long time. It seems headed down the same path followed by Rome long ago. Still, all figments of earthly existence pass away eventually. And they’re all stationed to the past then by whatever or whomever it is that or who transfers all of them from what was once the present to what forever will be eternity.

            Yeah, and you know, Ralph Hawk called me a few days ago. “Orlon,” he said, “It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from you via the written word. How about submitting a piece which would afford you the opportunity to say what dwells upon your mind at this time when many spin-masters are telling us that dwelling upon only what’s now very current is what’s really now exceptionally relevant?”

            But one thing I told Ralph right away, while we still spoke on the phone, was that I imagined I’d need to post such a writing in two separate portions. “Why?” he asked.

            “Because it’s my belief that the second installment, although it would probably reinforce and further the tenets expressed in the first, might simply be too esoteric, and perhaps too symbolically analogous to the first to permit a smooth and propitious literary joining of the two,” I answered. And thus I’m writing this two part piece today.

But I’m not especially impressed or phased by all the pieces of advice, instructions, admonitions, cautions, warnings, and threats which those who, with pen or voice, wield as they attempt to change society in one fashion or another. Still, maybe those rights which they now utilize in those tasks may soon be taken from them; or will only those who are trying to maintain freedoms be the ones who’ll actually lose them?

            Oh, and I’m so sick and tired of all those people chiding me from the sidelines. I guess they think they know the answers to all the problems which ever plagued all those who either tried to reinvent, or suffered from what was the overriding social consciousness of their current eras.

            Anyway, here’s my evaluation of Ralph’s synopsis (told to me by him) of the criticisms his office has received lately in regard to the last three or four literary compositions submitted to the internet by people such as myself whom Ralph considers to be his friends and proteges. “Ralph, you need to curb those writers somewhat,” they apparently told him. “Their submissions have been too verbose but, what’s worse than that, too conservative also.”

            And Ralph didn’t tell me how he answered (or is still answering) those claims; but here’s what I would have said, “No, I’ll not attempt to curb them. I believe in what they’re saying; and as far as their methods of saying it go, I’m going to trust them to do their own editing and preparation.”

            Thus, being of that mindset, and being likewise very concerned about recent criminal and political developments both here and abroad, today I find myself attempting to organize various “gleanings” achieved from the contemplation of those concerns. And those gleanings, as I’ve already stated, are mostly fright-filled. And, in dark references, I fear they portend the end of the states in America – at least as we and the rest of this planet have known those states until this time.

            But no, I don’t have time to try to properly edit words which attempt to portray unconnected fears and justifiable paranoia. And maybe those words could have been presented better. Nonetheless, I know you know they needed to be said. And they needed to be said before the “rights usurpers” tried to end my and your God given rights to say and write what we felt needed to be said and written, and before several amendments were gutted from the constitution of The United States Of America.

            Still, some say what’s being proposed by the freedom usurpers isn’t meant to be a perpetual confiscation. They remind us that variations aren’t changes. But they admit that alterations can be perpetrated upon almost all entities which might be classified as either persons, places or things. And, believing that all that’s been said here thus far is true, today I’m both recognizing and admitting the longevity of three differences we may unfortunately soon come to know, i.e., changes that may last a long long time, perhaps forever, and alterations and variations which, although they might also be constant, could likewise be fleeting, or of short durations. Still, it should be evident that the time has come for Americans to fear the dreadful modifications of lifestyle which some self-centered and self-concerned people of power now wish to foist upon them.

            And why is it that today the enemies of democracy receive more praise from our leaders than does the average hard-working populace? And why are those who are trying to simply maintain order and peacefulness amidst all this societal chaos under such attack today? Let’s pray for them! Let’s pray that their lives may be spared so that they can help a nation in which all lives should really matter, but a nation which is burdened at this time, by the presence of many mortals who really do not belong within its borders.

            And as a citizen of The United States you should probably be concerned with government corruption; both at this present time, and in the future. And you should probably ask yourself how long your republic will be able to function democratically when one group of its leaders continually seeks to flood its territory with outsiders who’ll then most likely vote for those leaders in upcoming elections. And you might be well served to contemplate what impression you feel is left upon all the various populaces of Earth when they see that their planet’s most powerful nation elects officials who either can’t or won’t protect its citizens.

            Yet, had all that’s been discussed here thus far been all that was problematic in the American states today, perhaps the great mechanisms of American ingenuity and independence might have still kept the wheels of freedom turning within the U.S.A. nonetheless. But of course those who wish to shackle America’s potential, and thereby ultimately thwart that great nation from continuing to be a strong force for freedom throughout their known world have one more dastardly card they can play. And it’s called “the jealousy card.”

            Tell the youth of America that those who became wealthy, or at least successful within this grouping of states are its real enemies, and that youth will grow to adulthood believing that it’s no longer worth the effort, or indeed may even be contrary to the good of its fellow man for it to seek out anything really meaningful in life. And then gradually, as years and generations pass, distrust, and even hatred of success will surely snowball in America. And then those who say they love America while they actually despise it will attempt to use that distrust and hatred to their best advantage. They’ll try to combine all negative feelings about the American way of life with all other verifiably real negative occurrences and trends currently present upon the landscape of life in the U.S.A. Yes, those detractors of America will try to perfect a combination of all matters and manners of ill-will now evident in America so that they then can achieve their ultimate goal, i.e. the end of American democracy and the beginning of American dictatorship to be administered of course by they themselves.

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