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Written By: R.F. Husnik

Many times I can’t say
how these poems begin,
but that’s not the case
with these dedicated
to those who scam

Someone or ones
misrepresented me on
social media so, as
I often do in situations
of denial, I ran
away to that city
where all that’s not believed
is known to be believable,
and all that’s thought impossible
is shown to be plausible

And I asked that city’s leader
“Of all the lessons you’ve
learned, which one might you
impart as the greatest?”

He answered “The greatest
concerns eternity. God! Be
certain you secure your soul
to the timeless light. Don’t
allow it to be claimed by Lucifer.”

But then he continued,
“I’ll offer you a
secondary temporal admonition
however. While alive
on planet Earth, always try to do what’s
right, but should you fail,
don’t look back.”

And after I left the
leader’s abode, I found
myself driving down a drive
for drivers and realized then
that I only visit this city
when wanes my faith that
certain humans will guard
themselves from other humans

And suddenly then
a red light stopped myself
and certain others,
but we acknowledged
that red light
as one part of our
journey homeward, and
not as an invitation
to gratification via compensation

And at said light
rolled down a window
in a car adjacent mine,
and from behind a wheel
spoke a man of all
the usual unimportance

“Try not to begin your phrases,
sentences, clauses, etc. with
‘ing’ ending words,” said he.
“Also, be very judicious
with your use of adverbs.”

But then he made
his motor roar while we
yet waited for green,
and just as that color
appeared he sped away,
and as his tires squealed
in take off, I heard him
yell back to me
“My wish for you – a
love that’s true.”

My wish for you
is love that’s true – those
words will always be
remembered, and will
always haunt my
recollection of one day on
the pavement homeward bound

But later, after reaching
my abode, I learned someone
had unleashed some fake news
on my behalf – behind my back,
and according to he, she, they,
or whomever, I’m now but
one hundred thousand short
of four million who follow
what I send out socially

God! Should I suppose
that’s but a joke
or a false declaration
made to make me seem bad

I don’t need another question,
and I don’t need more supplied guilt,
but I am looking back now,
and here at home today,
I can’t even say
how much good or evil
I’ve ever done

Never sent my friends out
to murder others and
paint some words on the wall
with their blood

Never parked my truck
near a building and then
in cowardice fled away
before it exploded and killed
innocent adults and children

Never raped or murdered any
human, or dismembered any corpse

Never flew my airplane
into any structure
or used my religion
as an excuse for murder
or rebellion

Never tried to eradicate
one entire ethnic group
from the face of the earth

Never tried to kill lawmakers
I couldn’t defeat in honest
elections, or
police officers
who protect my way of life
and help me maintain
the right I have to
write what I’ve just written

Never sanctioned or agreed
with the supposed right
of foreign or American born
lawbreakers, malcontents, or
just plain lazy people to live
off the labors of America’s
working people

And never told someone
that I or anyone else
was closing in on four million
followers on any social site

Although from Manhattan
some have said they always
read my stuff before they
file it in the
circular bin

And one day I actually
received a reply from one
of Manhattan’s respected;
she asked “Why do you
continually supply me with
crap I can’t help but read?
Don’t you know that influences
both bad and good
keep us ever changing
in a world where so much else
is always changing as well?”

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