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Written By: Anonymous

Poem Three scams us,
I fear, in that even those
most accepting of poetry
approximating prose (or vice
versa) may find themselves
hard pressed to find it poetic

And while few may
ever know its true
motivations, many will
probably surmise obligations
were on its poet’s/writer’s
mind of liberation. Yet, did
it speak of too many topics?

Monetary and non-monetary are
the important issues say those
common and corporate, while
some of the no longer categorized
have flown away in airplanes,
although some of those have
stumbled on the runway steps

And then the non-flyers
(the grounded so to speak)
have been left to wonder
if they were to blame; had
their election of an incompetent
emboldened warmongers to
massacre their neighbors
half the world away?

But some other flyers
never returned from
waterway landings
or tall buildings crashes,
and some had flown away
in helicopters – they flashed
the peace sign as they boarded
and departed from the back lawn

But here’s a check of reality
for those who, with pen in
hand, attempt smooth
transference of time’s
three divisions – beware of
the displeasure cast by
high and holy rollers
of literature. Better perhaps
that you hide within the
sanctuary of anonymity, even
though most of those
literary rollers are only
high – not holy

Nevertheless, I’m afraid
even if poets and
writers can remain anonymous,
so-called “accepted literary guys”
(guys of course referring to people
from both of the sexes
we once accepted as exclusive)
will no doubt express
disdain for the output
of such creative types,
and especially for
those they term “writing rookies”

Oh but do you know those guys?
They’re often displayed with black
hair, and sometimes black glasses;
and some have black skin . . .

Oh God!
Oh God, hide me!
Hide me where they
can’t call me the
n, f, r, or
any other word

Yes, I’d say today
another novice
has learned that,
literary devices, used within
written pieces, may sometimes
have significant, as well as
occasionally hidden meanings,
and sometimes those meanings will
anger, offend and embarrass,
as was the case with she who
complained that nowadays
perfectionists seem to be
overrunning the blogs!

Just give me simplicity in
both prose and poetry say
the guards of literature. And
don’t force readers to expend
too much mental effort
attempting to discern all
of what they’ve just read

And, it seems
the true allegiance of
today’s “thought shapers” lies
not with scholarly pursuit,
but rather with “dumbing down”.
In other words, for them, reading
enjoyment means encountering
words and written styles
such as Dick and Jane (but these
days especially Jane), rather
than Ernest or F. Scott
may have utilized.

And, we’ve seemingly lost
the ability to accept
only correct language usage
from Americans who currently
refuse to use English properly:
plus, many “new Americans”
struggle with their new nation’s
mode of communication, and
some of them no doubt
would rather U.S.A. born
Americans be forced to learn
the language of the “immigrants”
rather than the immigrants
be forced to learn
the language spoken in
the nation they’re immigrating to

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