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The Return of the Man From the Green City Part Two

Written By: Rashon Leyf

Welcome to the second installment of certain (definitely not all) mental stimuli, garnered by various residents of this city as a result of the most recent visit here by the so-called “Man From The” so-called “Green City.” And, as was the case with the initial installment, this one also is written in a rather haphazard fashion; but then, it most likely needs such a method of telling in order that it might, in the most realistic way, present various topics of thought associated with that person’s visit here.
But before I discuss some events which may or may not have factual bases in reality, I’d like to speak of some which I know do. It wasn’t really until I was four years old that I became aware of the fact that not all humans had the same skin pigmentation as I. Oh sure, I’d seen white people before that, but their whiteness just hadn’t “registered” in my mind up until then. And I can still remember asking mama if a lot of people in the world were sick, else why had the color drained away from their skin!
But, of course, since then I’ve learned the answer to that question, as well as the answers to numerous other questions. And I’ve also learned that while the answers we receive aren’t always the ones we wish to receive, often we’re thankful to have received any answer at all; and other times, perhaps the answers we receive provide resolutions, or may even carry with them the dreadfully entitled phenomenon “closure.” Nonetheless, it’s my postulation that life’s most significant answers are those which address mental realizations, attempt to portray how a life could best be lived, or simply state how a life is actually being lived at this time, was lived in the past, or could most constructively be lived in years to come.
But as I stated in the first installment of this two part written effort, we hear a lot of stories in this city. And the realness of almost all of those tales remains unsubstantiated, although sometimes hinted at. And no one here, myself included, would even dare to hazard a guess as to what the real truth (if any) of any of those anecdotes may be. And yet, the leader of our city, Ralph Hawk, has asked that I relate certain “matters” in this piece.
And, speaking of Ralph, he recently decreed that a city wide town hall meeting should be called. And, his goal for that project was that all voting age adults of our city should attend it. Of course, that didn’t happen, yet I’d say we had about two thirds of our city’s adults there that evening. And many topics were discussed, and perhaps many answers were found, nevertheless such resolutions will never reach Washington D.C., except perhaps for this one: America, it’s high time that you stem the tide of entry into this nation from peoples who belong south of your border! And it’s unfortunately astounding to note how few Americans apparently fathom the drastic results which most likely will be accrued in years to come as a result of the current policy of allowing virtually anyone to cross into The United States Of America and remain here. So, state it simply, and speculate upon it: What are the likely scenarios which will occur in the U.S.A. (if it even remains entitled that) when such people who are minorities in this nation now, will be minorities here no longer? Well, there probably are a variety of changes which will take place here then. And, most likely none of those changes will be of any good for America’s whites, and, there’s a good possibility that they’ll be likewise deleterious to American blacks. Oh, and the previous statements are controversial, I know that, nevertheless, it’s time now for all Americans to ask themselves how a different majority of people in this nation will someday treat a new minority. And despite what some “better than thous” will say, such speculation isn’t racist, it’s simply warranted.
And sometimes I think those so-called refugees need to be called on what they’re doing. They’re in fact invading the homelands of other human beings. And this phenomenon of packing up one’s things and running away from one’s problems is one that should be discouraged and not promoted by the government of The United States Of America. But why then is it being promoted rather than discouraged? The answer: America’s liberal political party believes it can get new voters from a class of people who’ve come to America to live off the fruits of the labors of others. Think about that when you vote in the upcoming national elections, and then maybe we’ll stem the “blue tide” which many say may be coming.
But Ralph Hawk gave a landmark speech at the town hall meeting which I alluded to a few paragraphs ago. And he gave it from the balcony of one of the new buildings on the near north side of our city. And it was easily the best oration I’ve ever heard; and the varied abilities of “The Hawk”
continue to amaze me – but, not only is he able to do almost anything, he does everything well! And I believe that if only half of what he advocated that evening was ever put into practice, we’d have a much better life on planet Earth today.
Nonetheless, after the meeting ended, Ralph caught up with me and said “Rashon, the overseers from other earthly realities who monitor my leadership of our city have contacted me, and told me that because of racial quotas, it’s time for you to submit a piece to the internet.”
And I replied, “Do you have any topics in mind for me?”
And he replied “Yes, but I’m sure you know that the gentleman we call ‘the man from the green city’ paid one of his infrequent visits to our city last week. And I was so glad that I was finally able to introduce him to Joseph and Sharon Same.”
“Well, I actually got to talk with him” I said. “But you know, I didn’t really ask him everything that I should have while he was still here. I think I’m going to try to reach him via phone at his home in the green city. And if I get a hold of him, I’ll ask then what I should have asked while he was still here.”
“That’s good thinking” said Ralph. “And then you can base your next written piece upon what you learn from him in that conversation.”
So, I was able to reach the man from the green city via telephone; and from this point onward in this piece, I’ll try to synthesize his words to me. Yet, I also want to try to include all the topics he touched upon.
The first things he said after I reached him via the telephone (something I actually didn’t know if I’d be able to do) concerned what he’d done while he’d been in our city; and also the people he’d been able to meet here. But some of those he’d wished to see here were working, or out on the road, or otherwise occupied during the timespan he’d been here etc. But I’ll not bother you with all the conversations he had with everyone he met here, except to say that apparently he’d been especially glad to finally meet Joe and Sharon. Nonetheless, I want to relate the things he said about himself, and the other anecdotes he mentioned.
And I remember the main part of our conversation began roughly like this: “True artists can’t know every whim which was ever given birth inside the minds of word users – and especially if said word users are in any way creative. You know, sometimes the stuff those creative writers write gets to be a little vague, or maybe even a little obscure; but then, often it’s symbolic also,” I said.
“Yeah, I know that,” said the man from the emerald city. “But sometimes I wonder if anyone will ever understand, as well as only read or listen to the histories of outlanders who are – well, special people to be sure.”
And I replied “Well, I’ll only repeat what I just said ‘True artists can’t know every whim which was ever…! But I also know this: Sometimes I hear what must be either rumors or stories, or perhaps only personal historical anecdotes which are told to me in an effort, I’d suppose, to have me comment upon them.”
“Give me an example” said the man from the green city.
“Okay, for example, critique this: But, before you begin your analysis and learn of their dilemmas, remember that it’s also said that those people were basically good – all of them. And God, they must have done so much for so many. And yet… And yet, I can’t tell you with certainty if they ever really existed, or if they were but a legend passed along through the fifty four realities of mankind.”
“Sometimes, amidst words of anger, FS and FJ couldn’t determine which one of them, without the other’s aid, would not have had a utensil to urinate in. But RS always said FJ had been such a nice young man until he’d returned home from his service in the anti-Nazi/anti-Imperialist war. And yet, apparently when FJ did return, even RS had to admit he wasn’t such a nice guy anymore.”
“And then FS and FJ used to argue about the war, and FS started to drink alcohol excessively. And FJ said his generation had saved the world from dictatorship. But FS said the war had been brought by his (FJ’s) generation, and thus it was only fitting that FJ’s generation had been obligated to fight it. Oh, and even though FJ’s generation is today seen as a great generation, FS didn’t see the people who constituted it in that light.”
“And FJ and M had become parents during the reign of the man who had the buck stop on his desk. But, of course years pass, and FJ didn’t like Ike. And, to complicate matters, M and FJ really got a surprise when they learned what their family was becoming. Thus, one day amidst all the work they always had to do, and also amidst all the people who came and went from inside their sphere of existence, FJ bought a new car in the waning years of Ike’s dominion.”
“And it was a type of car which a prominent comedian of the time had said looked more like a rocket than an automobile. And then FJ and M drove that car to the west coast of the states in America. But FJ never cleaned, washed, or cared for that new car, and when that vehicle was less than two years old it was completely rusted, and also dented (it had been hit by someone who’d simply driven into it, backed up, and then driven off). And the condition of that relatively new car was apparently vaguely significant then, at that time; and evidently still is yet to this day. And if you don’t believe that assertion, it was apparently recently made clear to Ralph by masters from other realities of the earth! Oh, and here’s a little extra information; it seems those masters also made certain that Ralph understood that cars had been built much more solidly during the years of Ike, and thus, the complete rusting out of such a vehicle in less than two years during those years was really unacceptable!”
“But FS’s alcohol problems continued. Yet, he’d only imbibe the substance on weekdays. On weekends he’d not drink a single drop. And RS and M basically kept their mouths shut; well, most of the time anyway. Still, sometimes in anger…”
“And I’m told that some people remember another soul there amongst them too. But whether he was there always, or only sometimes, or only on times when the most dastardly events occurred, is apparently hardly remembered anymore. And evidently he, in effect, had no name.
So, let’s call him X. And they say that today little else is recalled about X except his arrogance. And while FJ didn’t see eye to eye with FS because of his (FJ’s) obstinance, and FS’s alcoholism, he likewise also couldn’t sanction the deeds of X because, apparently, of X’s conservatism. But one thing which was evidently agreed upon by everyone who came to know X, was that he’d amount to nothing in the years to come; and that he’d be, no doubt, only a burden upon society eventually.”
Oh, and God I’ve heard so many other stories concerning the people about whom I’ve just now been writing. Of course I can’t say if those people ever really existed. And I can’t tell you with certainty if all the dreadful stories I’ve heard about them (but, for purposes of the length of this written piece have left undocumented) ever really occurred in what you and I know is a very real world.
So, as now having, in my opinion, satisfactorily proven to you my inability to read people’s (especially artistic people) minds, as well as my ability to fairly comment upon apparent truths, falsehoods, rumors, and fake news reports, I’ll, so to speak, move on. And, the man from the green city also said “Yesterday Uncle Ralphie rang me up. He told me I might receive a call from you (Rashon), and that although one must never say this in public, is it not true that if many of your (mine – Rashon’s) ancestors had not been brought to the states of America as slaves many years ago, people such as yourself (me - Rashon) probably wouldn’t be living in the U.S.A. today. ‘You’re not trying to justify slavery? I asked Ralph.’”
“No, I’m only trying to say what’s most likely true” he answered
And then the man from the green city apparently said this to Ralph: “You know Ralph, you’d better only concern yourself with the day to day leadership of your city. And you’d better not grow a small moustache below your nose either.”
And before we finished our conversation that day, the man from the green city also said “Rashon, two more quick observations: First, those recent gun violence protests were very righteous, yet, I hope that everyone, whether they marched or not, realizes that no one will ever be able to completely remove guns from the landscape of modern day life. If anything, police and the military will always need them. Sportsmen will become violent if anyone attempts to remove their right to own them. And many of the so-called common people feel much better if they have at least one of them in their homes for protection against potential attackers. And yet, with that said, surely stronger laws against weapons which should only be used militarily, as well as bans against devices which modify simpler guns should be enacted – and enforced!”
“And second, you know Rashon, that river that runs through your city has a special significance for me. Just as it divides your city geographically, and basically economically, so does that big company, also represented by a river, now give chances to writers whom Manhattan would have rejected, but who now are symbolically writing as they float along on the tides and ripples of the Amazon.”

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