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It’s been said that it’s somewhat difficult to simultaneously believe in the tenets of Christianity and existentialism. One’s a religion. One’s a philosophy. But both concern how mortals should and/or must conduct themselves while they live upon Planet Earth. And Christian existentialist Soren Kierkegaard had no problem justifying the two, yet other great philosophers such as Friedrich Nietzsche could not meld them.
And, in recent years the tern “existential” seems to have been rather loosely and sometimes perhaps incorrectly used by various liberal journalists and left wing politicians. Indeed they’ve supposed it to connote either someone or something which in their opinion constitutes a threat to the very being of some sort of person, place or thing. And this negative understanding of the term has apparently influenced many to believe existentialism is something other than the philosophical study of each individual mortal’s quest to find meaning and fulfillment in his or her own life, while he or she exists within a temporal world of probable daily routines and possible daily emptiness.
And of course it could be said that modern philosophy has involved the attempt to fully understand the viewpoints of great thinkers. And most often it’s seemed the ultimate goal of such thinkers has been the contemplation of how temporal life upon Planet Earth could best be lived. In other words, should mortals live their earthly existences for temporal goals only or, should they, while still alive upon the Earth, be preparing themselves for an afterlife which for them would be based upon how they’d lived temporally?
Well, I didn’t mean this to be a critique of philosophy or philosophers; yet, one would expect that to be involved in philosophy one must have some amount of keen intellect. But of course, while that’s true, philosophers are only human too; and, like all other humans, must ultimately contend with the question of what becomes of one after one’s physical earthly death.
Yet, for those of us who’ve been chosen to either live within, or at least have significant contact with “the city,” ours is a very special knowledge of reality. For example, magistrates from other earthly realities have mandated that whenever I appear in public I’m to wear a metal screen about my face! Therefore, I journey out as infrequently as possible. And, I’ve been told that the metal screen I wear has a three point symbolism which I’ve already alluded to, but not yet divulged. Well, those points are (and I’m going to list them according to my interpretation of their importance): 1. A reference to Lucifer’s eternal attempts to damn each individual mortal, 2. An acknowledgement of the sinfulness of mankind, and 3. An allusion to the fact that all humans are continually subjected to radical, usually left wing, political rhetoric.
And having now disclosed those symbolic reasons, my quest in the remainder of this discussion shall involve what I consider to be searches for truth. And as I search, I’ll seek the guidance of those who are supposed to guide me. They’re good leaders. And they know the difference between the time of day and the time of man. And they’ve spent their pasts in pursuit of goodness and Godliness, rather than in anticipation of changes in the winds of politics. And yes, they know that only so many foreigners, whether they’ve entered a nation legally or illegally, can be absorbed by the host nation. Otherwise, eventually the large numbers of “new people” will certainly impose their way of life, as well as their native language upon the established citizenry of the nation whose borders they’ve breeched. And eventually this will cause the downfall of what had previously been a great nation. That’s what happened in Rome.
But now I sense an otherworldly guidance descending upon me! And, oh yes, it comes from my superiors! Here are its words!
Jerusalem: I’ve learned that religions exist for salvation. And three of the world’s greatest, as guideposts to current conduct and further divinity, exist within you, emanate from you, and love you. And the Venerable Bede, in a probable reference of you to eternity, said that you’re with milk and honey blessed, yet know of hearts and souls oppressed. And through such expression, I’ve learned that depression, if derived from such oppression, can be lessened.
But as a sinful mortal, I find my strengths emulating toward faces of pain outside my window. And I know that behind those images of strife exist inheritors of a tyrant’s dream – a dream constructed with the aid of forces from the abyss. And in my comprehension I can see those inheritors in peril today. Earthly false prophets lied and told them they’d know a better life. But they know far from that now! And may God’s pity be upon them! They apparently didn’t understand how easily their basic common sense could be negated.
Nevertheless, I believe the people of tomorrow will live in peace only after they find common religious beliefs, order and moderation. And undoubtedly there is hope that Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, Jews, Muslims, and all other humans, whether they worship other deities or not, can live peaceably upon this planet.
But I hope we’ve learned by now that war is futile. Oh, we must look upon it as a senseless waste of life! Yet, we must also regrettably understand its ultimate irony; that being of course that if we “let down our guard” toward it so to speak, we then invite its occurrence through our very revulsion of it. Yes, this is a simple but unfortunate truth. And it exists because since sin entered the world, mankind now possesses, along with a God like image of righteousness, an inherently jealous and evil tendency.
And doesn’t it seem as though one has so little time to “open one’s heart” so to speak? But yet, if one does manage to lay one’s emotions bare, does one find the components of pleasantness within them? And is one’s congeniality genuine, or is it a façade? And do love, peace, kindness, and all such other similar traits exist within one, or does uncertainty dwell in one’s heart instead?
Centers of being, controlled by the desire for conformity, have no capacity to improve life. And they trick mankind’s comprehension to believe that all will always remain as it is today. But of course, if no one else will fight against non-change, the forces of hell certainly will. They shall never allow life to tranquilly flow by for humankind upon Planet Earth. Yet, they can’t compete against love eternal; indeed they struggle mightily even in the face of love that’s temporal!
But time does go by, and people and situations do change! And in the face of change, new approaches to life are sometimes adopted. And I’ll speak of some of them now.
Sometimes, in dreams, I imagine I must relive portions of time already passed. And then, with a mind constrained from the completely clear capabilities of wakefulness, I become very fearful that I’ll not be able to reconfigure those pieces of what once was in such a fashion as whomever or whatever controls my sleeping thoughts seems to wish they be recast as. And though, at those times I’m obviously not entirely cognizant of all I hold to be true, or at least real, I sense a stark onslaught of trepidation and remorse then still. And, oh yes, at such moments as those, although I’m functioning then in a sort of dubious mental clarity, I’m still exceptionally aware of the fact that all mortals have sinned.
And, when I awake, and leave those dreams behind, I usually feel relieved then minimally, and often vindicated substantially. Still, maybe my mind sometimes tricks me while I exist in either slumber or alertness. And maybe too much blame has been assigned to too many diverse actions taken, random actions not taken, miscellaneous occurrences, and certain suppositions, realizations, and emotions – but maybe not.
And sometimes, as today, in my first cognizance of wakefulness, I’m where all of life is fragile – as in a glass world. But in that see through world there exists a room within in which I can remain until my mind clears again, or comes back down, as however one may wish to term such a supposed return to normalcy. And a long hallway adjoins that room. And I often walk to the door of that room, and peer out at that hallway, but don’t enter it! Yet, from where I’m standing then, in the doorway, I can hear the echoes and reverberations of memories from long ago as they bounce by me; and I can almost see them as the collide with the walls of that hall, but then rebound off them.
But then, as I leave the doorway, and close the door, shutting out as it were those reminiscences which for some time then had been visitors in my recollection, I’m always struck by the way in which my unquestionably real, and undoubtedly fictional worlds are so lightly decorated! They seem to have a brightness about themselves! And love seemingly floats on weightless breezes through them.
Please, will you bring a more common love, and a more approachable hope to me here in this room? My mind now has imagined natural landscapes portrayed on canvas! Oh, and now I fear I’m struggling to distinguish what’s real from what’s most likely unreal. And at these times I tell myself that what’s real is what I can physically hear, see, touch, and live within. And yet, I fear a large domain of unreality exists near me also.
Or is unreality real in the sense that it once occupied a spot in someone’s mind? Masters of heaven will you allow true artists to show me what separates clarity from illusion? Masters of heaven please permit my image to exist eternally within the murals of timeless light! Don’t allow it to be banished to Lucifer’s abode of damnation in which pain, remorse, wretchedness, and a fire which burns in darkness, shall exist everlastingly.

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