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Written By: George Jennifer and Anonymous

MAYOR JENNIFER SPEAKS: One of the last things Ralph Hawk said to me before he relinquished the mayoral duties of this city to me was “I think you’ll find that the usual, or expected tasks of being a city’s mayor will be the easiest parts of the job you’ll soon be undertaking. It will probably be those things which deal with the unexplainable, or the bizarre, which you’ll find the most stressful.” And of course he was correct in that assertion.
Yesterday Joseph Same dropped by my office and handed me a rather long and disjointed essay which he said he’d been asked to give me by someone he referred to as The Man Behind The Screen. And he said The Man Behind The Screen was an acquaintance of his, having accompanied him (Joe) on his so-called “excursions.” And I found the essay to be rather long, yet also quite interesting. Therefore I will seek its publication on the internet. But I think, due to its length, that I’d better submit it in two parts. And I’ve split those parts at a point at which the dichotomy between the life temporal and the life eternal is being discussed. But Part Two takes up exactly where Part One left off, except that I’ve changed a few minor words at that juncture to achieve what I believe to be a smoother transition between the parts. And thus, the remainder of this piece, plus all of Part Two, will now be the words of someone I’ve not met, but who, apparently for symbolic reasons wears a metal screen around his face whenever he’s seen in public.
THE MAN BEHIND THE SCREEN SPEAKS: Although my face is always hidden from those who supposedly know so much about current and historical situations, I see through those people. And I know what their hearts and minds really pledge allegiance to. And, frankly, I respect only those who truly care about a society which cares for its own. I have no tolerance for those who support a political party which allows our borders to be trampled upon.
All people attempting to enter the U.S. illegally, despite whatever manufactured reasons they may have for doing so, should be sent back from whence they came. But their names should be recorded here in the U.S., and should those people again attempt an illegal entry of the U.S., they should be incarcerated here for a long period of time.
But unfortunately, because many Americans have been tricked into believing that the greatest current mandate of the U.S. Congress is the snooping through of old tax returns, and the gossiping and lying about a riot, America’s, as well as Ukraine’s borders continue to be violated. And yet, gradually now, the American populace is realizing that it’s being manipulated by a political party which actually cares nothing about it. Rather, its only concern is the furtherance of left wing viewpoints and dangerous lifestyles. But who knows why the members of that party nominated as its leader someone who is embarrassing them, himself, and America.
And I know many Americans feel they made a mistake in the last presidential election. Yet, all that can be done about mistakes is to learn from them, rectify them if possible, and simply move on from them. But is simply saying we’re sorry for wrongs committed enough, or do we need to attempt to reach backward in an effort to supposedly correct all that was, or still is amiss? And isn’t it true that in the midst of a myriad of earthly problems, we have no alternative but to figuratively, and sometimes literally fight on?
And after one acknowledges wrongs committed, and dedicates oneself to “moving on,” is not the next step then the seeking of forgiveness if such forgiveness is needed? Well, often I find myself trying to be convinced that all is well, or at least not too bad. And then sometimes I find myself standing in the sunshine of a life believed to be well lived. And then I try to lessen all of life’s contradictions. And, often then, I come to believe that years from now all that currently concerns me will be insignificant to almost all mortals; and yes, that group may even include myself, if at such a time I’m still alive.
But just now, today, my thoughts aren’t appeasing. Indeed they’re apprehensive. And today I’m willing to admit that if such is the wish of propriety’s administrators, I’ll ask forgiveness for whenever I either consciously or unconsciously used, or adopted as part of my being, any insights granted mankind by any of those who understand life better than I. And yet, I’ll go on living. And I’ll note how time continues on. And I’ll guess that beyond known symbolic references, I wear a screen about my face to indicate that many mortals “put on false faces” when they appear in the presence of their fellow humans.
But the fact that many try to hide their true identities stimulates me to wonder why rumors and gossip are of such interest to so many. And here are what I believe those who cherish gossip consider to be the two most significant questions whose answers they feel they must both ponder and spread about: ONE: Have any known or unknown mortals, whether living near or far, fallen into any recent sins? And TWO: How much time must pass before any act ever committed can be viewed as no longer important?
But maybe it’s a fear that they themselves will soon be considered no longer important that spurns many mortals onward. Yet, such a dilemma shouldn’t concern those who have no fear of what awaits them in eternity. Still, we know that many mortals have no belief in an afterlife or, believe in one which won’t be real. Nonetheless, the majority of that type does seem to highly emphasize temporal existence and, it’s probably not difficult to understand why.

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