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                       Written by: F. John Surells



Yeah, I guess this is a writing about some political and societal events and theories going on and being submitted just now, in the present of 2016. But maybe, right now, before we discuss those certain current matters, it might be wise for us to at least try to free our minds from the avalanche of what certainly are partially true and partially false statements, promises, and accusations, and imagine ourselves years from now, walking down a hall in which the repercussions of all the decisions we made today, whether well thought out or not, are displayed for us as pictures on the wall – portraits of the past then, which we now today can determine. Did we vote for freedom, or did we sanction government control?

 There are two types of disgusting clowns scaring the American populace at this time. And the first of those, which I’ll comment upon only slightly, should be gone from our presence with the onset of November – hopefully. But the second group, which is political, and much more powerful, will never disappear, but will, after November 8th, lose much of the clout it currently exercises upon our outlets of information and influence – except of course for two of its members. And, while speaking early on here about those political clowns, let me say that only one of the four seeking the presidency and vice-presidency of The United States has conducted him or herself as an adult during this current campaign. And as a special note to the female candidate’s vice presidential running mate – Grow up! Please start conducting yourself as a person who, God forbid, might ever become the president of The United States.

But, I fear I’ve already digressed dreadfully here. And that’s why F. John Surells doesn’t consider himself much of a “writer,” though, as you’ll now see, at least one person apparently does.

The doorbell rang. It was Scare Man Clown dressed in his best jokester attire. And he said, “I know I can’t scare you, but I’m here to tell and ask.”

“Proceed,” I said.

“I think there’s a reason your generally accepted title begins with an abbreviated ‘F.,’” he said. “To me you’re Fitzgerald come back to us, yet lacking severely in his literary talent. Thus, I need your ‘take’ on these ‘new wave clowns’! You know, it’s scary when an old clown must fear those younger.”

“I only want to be the F. Scott Fitzgerald of Paris,” I said. “Thus, send back to me all my Roaring Twenties friends, but I especially want Ernest and Gertrude. And do you really think my lover Renni can function as Zelda?”

“We do what we must,” he said. “But now, please, your opinion of the new clown phase.”

And I rejoined with “To me, these clowns of October are the newest installment of a class of unfortunates who, still to this day are being made fools of by a self-appointed aristocracy, some of which says it’s Democratic, and some of which would have us believe it’s Republican, but all of which serves itself only, while it simultaneously elevates those living in this land illegally above those who toil here to support such illegals once they successfully cross our borders. Yet, these so-called ‘new wave clowns’ will be gone by the end of October – hopefully. You know, I think they’re mostly children and young adults going about trying to scare people, and also playing pranks and sending in bomb threats. But as a transition here to my thoughts concerning the November group of clowns, let me tell you about a brief encounter I had with one of their type recently. As a group of political clowns paraded by my apartment that day, I ran outdoors and asked a man who walked with them, yet some distance behind the others, ‘Are you one of the political clowns? And why are you walking behind the others? And what’s your name?”

“My name is Adolph Julius Napoleon” he replied. “And I walk behind the others because I represent what their lives will become after this current phase of governmental snooping into their lives ends.”

“And you know, once they were respected people. And many of them worked hard for many years. But they’re the outcasts of America today. Today America belongs to those who can access it illegally, and also to those who wish not to work within it, but rather live off the toil of others.”

“Yet, some people did become wealthy here years ago. They worked hard and were rewarded for their efforts. But today you can see many of them walking the highways and byways of America dressed in either literally or figuratively disgraceful garb. And they’re trying to hide their sorrow. And they’ve been cast as pitiful deplorables by those who are trying to win the chance to run their lives for them.”

“And I hate to speak ill of myself, but it’s a very sad day when demagogues such as myself are able to seize power in any powerful nation.”

“Yet, of course in my defense, it should be noted that at least I always make sure that everyone releases his or her tax forms for public scrutiny, while I also always mandate that all so-called ‘established clowns’ pay their fair share in taxes so that clowns performing illegally in their nations don’t need to subsidize their own clown attire. Oh, and yes. I also monitor all people as they walk by each other, whether on airplanes or on the ground, so as to be sure that none of them inadvertently bump into each other, because you know, that could be called ‘unwanted sexual contact’ sometime down the road. And, in addition to that, I also always listen for ‘off the cuff locker room banter,’ because that stuff could decide the fate of nations someday.” 

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