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                                       Written By: R.F.Husnik


Poetry’s such a forgiving form

in that it grants its formers

virtually unlimited forms

by which they can either

partially or fully

hide, cloud, suggest, or

disclose facts, lies, suppositions,

fakeries, or whims of thought which

at one or various times

apparently was or were

either realized by, or

simply told to various

walkers along life’s roadways

who then were capable

of formulating what they

evidently considered to be

significant deductions

from such acknowledgements


And then they reinterpreted

those acknowledgements

as poetry because they then

realized that if America’s

middle class doesn’t stand up

for itself, no other group

or individual will        


And then one day

at least one reader,

because of exposure

to such poems,

visualized two sides

of life’s one aisle,

and saw some

walkers walking toward

destinations he or she believed

those walkers were

destined to reach


Yet, on the minds

of all parties involved

were the unavoidable truths

concerning their home of

the brave and land

of free thinkers


And their primary thought

was:  America is a populist

nation today. And it has

no alternative but to be so.


And what could be of

more aid now than a

simple realization submitted

as a basic declaration?


Those who have worked in

America, or for America elsewhere,

as well as those who’ve

defended America in America and

elsewhere, are under great media

assult today. Their past efforts

are being recast as nefarious

activities which stymied the

advancement of lawbreakers,

those who felt (and still feel)

they’re too good to work, and

illegal aliens whose goal it is

to live off the work of others.


But the populists note another

sinister group at work also.

While some wish not to work,

others demand that their high

paying government jobs last

in perpetuity –they are what

is commonly called “the swamp.”


Nonetheless, in the midst of

this mess, I guess, it’s

necessary to say “We salute

your service to country in

peace and war. And from

that war we can’t imagine

the dreadfulness of your captivity,

yet, you’ve become an obstructionist

in the Senate. And you’re

not really conservative.”


“And don’t tell others

to tell others

to go to hell.

Let Americans decide for

themselves if they wish

to believe the lies, fake news,

and gossip now being broadcast

on Sunday mornings, weekday

forenoons and afternoons, and

weekday late nights.”


And do we even need

to mention that the populists

know all about the

leftists and what they

stand for? But maybe

eventually those who blamed

others for committing

the injustices they themselves

committed, will be brought to

justice rather than

the innocent


Well, sometimes innate freedoms

allow us to project ourselves

far away – where different people

are living more happily today.

Can you see them? They’re in love,

walking hand in hand

down the Champs-Elysees


And now the populist

says he sees them

near the Seine. He

says they’re praying for

one of France’s oldest

friends – that nation across the

Atlantic – that nation in peril


But back at home

in that nation

many are learning that the

current president is a

product of the times

rather than an

instigator of them


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