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                                       Written By: Ralph Hawk



            A few weeks ago I was impressed with the written piece submitted to me by my friend Orlon Braem. And this impression, coupled with my supposition that the time had come for me to discuss what I considered to be a small number of significant local and national events led me to write this admittedly unstructured piece.                                                 

            Well, to begin, I was officially elected mayor of our city a few months ago. I consider this a token gesture since in reality I and my secretary have more or less “run” this city for a number of years now. But I’m not ungrateful. And I don’t want to be a power grabber, yet, I’ll not allow anyone to push me around here as I attempt to provide some guidance to this truly exceptional municipality.      And I’m not going to write to you in any structured style. Actually, I barely have enough time to write to you at all. But if you’ve been keeping up with the developments in our city, then you know that the departure of Lauren Havess from our reality of the Earth has left our city’s largest place of employment without an owner. And the Havess estate (including ownership of the factory) which Lauren left behind here is still being dissolved by our local court system. And, as you may recall, in order to avoid prison time, Lauren needed to divest herself of her assets and move away to another reality of the Earth.

            But I’m thinking everything has been going along fairly well around here lately. Sure, there still are plenty of unbelievable (unbelievable that is to those who don’t live here) events occurring here. But that’s the norm here, not the exception! And now I’m going to finish out my words to you with some random disclosures and observations.

            Before she left us, Lauren Havess asked that the antique car in which Kenny Asher had died be restored and then given to his older brother Al. I thought that was a rather strange request, especially given what the vehicle looked like after it had been removed from the river. But Lauren insisted that this be done. And she gave me the name of a business in New Mexico which would do the restoration. “As long as you have the original frame of a car, you can take it to those people, and they’ll get it back to you looking like new,” she told me. And of course I was apprehensive of this. But yesterday it was one year ago since Kenny had died in that 1955 Chev after driving it off an embankment and into the river. And just this morning that same antique car was delivered to my residence by the same firm which had restored it. And I’ll not tell you the cost of this. It was a large sum. But Lauren had left plenty to cover it. Actually, as a part of her divestment, Lauren had stipulated that she be allowed to leave ample funds behind for this project. And I must say the car looks just as it probably did when it was new some sixty two years ago! So, tomorrow I’m going to call Al and tell him about it. I’d promised Lauren I wouldn’t let him know about it until it came back to our city in its new state of repair. But first now I’m going to take it for a spin. I’m starting it now. And now I’m squealing out of my driveway. I’ve called the cops and told them not to interfere with me as I drive about the town. God! This thing is cool! I’m laying some small black marks as I leave every stop sign and red light. And driving this beautiful car from the middle of the 1950’s actually makes me feel as if I’m now back there, living in that great decade when America was still America!            But now I’d like to address something I observed on television some weeks ago. I was one of what I’m supposing were many Americans who, at that time witnessed another academy of left-leaning performers embarrass themselves by announcing that one of its tokens of supposed great accomplishment had been won by an incorrect party; although of course all the parties involved in the chase for this meaningless icon are members of a select self-centered group of mortals whose disdain for the common American citizen has been known for a long time. But, despite that, a relevant question would be:  (And yes, I need to put this question to myself also) Why would anyone wish to watch and listen to anyone whose central message is denunciation of the American way of life, ridicule of national leaders, and the chastisement of the American working class because supposedly it still isn’t providing enough of its hard earned money to subsidize the lifestyles of people living in this nation illegally – people who not only drain the wealth of America, but simultaneously provide it with a threat of terrorism.                                                                         

            Yes, today Americans are being told that although they may strive for self-sufficiency, and that although they’re trying to maintain the basic freedoms granted them by their nation’s constitution, they’re living incorrectly. And they’re being told that they’re the reason America has so many problems today. And after all, should not the American working class be made to worry about what’s going on in Syria today? And shouldn’t it also worry about all the migrants now trying to enter Europe as they travel northward on the African continent and then enter Libya, another nation which has been left in virtual anarchy due to American international meddling?     

            And what about supposed Russian interference in this nation’s latest presidential election? Did it happen? I don’t think so, although I may be wrong. Yet, what apparently certainly did occur, was that during the months leading up to that election a number of American officials (and perhaps functioning at the beckoning of our nation’s highest ranking leaders) illegally surveilled a number of innocent Americans, including at least one (and perhaps more) candidate who was (were) at that time an active participant (participants) in the primary and general elections for president of the United States. And, if this turns out to be true, we can only hope that these people will be made to answer for what they did.

            And now, until next time, as always, I wish you well.    

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