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Written By: R.F. Husnik

Some say you’re erotic,
perhaps pornographic,
but I fear they know
only the lesser of
your numerical relevance

Your fate is
to exist between
the second to last
of the sixties denomination,
and the mortal milestone
seventy, until such a day
dawns when the eternal master
ends all time, or, until
a lesser master ends or changes
our now known numbers.

But those who carry you
as a marker of earthly years,
possess you in accordance with
their impression of you.

Yet, you may have a role,
as do a number of other
numbers, apart from your
basic function as a designator
of a certain amount of
physical entities or
mental discernments

And, you are
the greatest and final
part of all that’s
progressed to nearly
seven times a decade.

So, I’ll embrace you now,
but don’t abandon me
on the roadway
of times passage.

Don’t keep me
at your station
for the earthly portion
of forever, let me
live at least
within one or two
of your subsequent decades

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