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I wrote this poem recently . And i decided that since i am more of a writer than a poet. i shall make the idea the idea for a novel. tell me what you think? and feel free to give me any ideas i can use to my advantage for the storyline. ; )

Thank you and enjoy! 


                                                Corruption of the heart

                                                     will pry us apart

                                               The sinning of the soul

                                                will devour you whole

                               Demented rage that embellishes within you

                                               will condemn me too

                                         Is that what you want it to do?

                                              The affection is fading

                                      and my devotion to you is waning

                             You gaze upon me with the eyes of a stranger

                              that is how I know our romance is in danger.

                                   you massacered the innocence within you

                                    and even risked the death of mine too

                                       Is that what you intended  to do?

                                 This burden has caused my heart to cry

                                 My conscience demanding to know why

                               I have given you my internal world to keep

                           You have mistreated it, and for that alone, I weep

                              The fragments of my heart are left askew

                because of the trecherous deeds that had befallen upon you

                             but of course, isn't that what you hoped to do?

                              My heartache moans in sorrow as I lament

                              begging in my skull that you'll just repent

                               Only god up above could hear my pleas

                        so utterly, heartwrenching it brings me to my knees

                            Your spiteful acts, and deeds so entirely cruel

                                              Isolates me from you

              But you and I both know, thats EXACTLY what you wished to do

              No matter how high pitched and harrow my screams impact the air

        with a countenance of a coldhearted stranger, you'll turn away without a care

                                   That is what causes my tears to shed

                      Are your sinful fantasies more enticing within your head?

                    The Death of our unity was what you proceeded to do

                                 and in horrid redemption, I alienated you

                             As you weep now, I hope you owned the clue


                                         I, as well, can be a sinner too

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Fantastic, as usual! :)

ha, thanks dude. ;) much appreciated for reading. 

Callie Leah said:

Fantastic, as usual! :)

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