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Written By: Orlon Braem

Fashion, as a noun you speak to a phenomenon of ever changing trends. And thus, as a person, place, or thing, sometimes you lead mortals to large accumulations. But I’ve never been one who’s immediately levelled a charge of materialism against such accumulators. Even they know that all that’s of the earth passes away, or on to heirs eventually.
But fashion, it’s as a verb you’re more intriguing. And in that sense, I use you here. Yet, not only here today, but also so often every day as I attempt to fashion worthwhile and proper beliefs and actions upon a planet where so many would so easily ill-use the hard-working, the charitable, the caring, and those seeking order.
And if life is really a game, who have its winners and losers been up until this point? And of how much real value are temporal victories and accomplishments? Does their only worth lie in whatever aid they may render toward the conquest eternal? And when he writes a piece such as this one, does the writer ever stray from basic truth and enter a realm of hyperbole?
Of the four questions posed in the previous paragraph, most likely the first three can’t be answered unequivocally by anyone. But the fourth question, that one which asks if basic truth can sometimes be stretched to hyperbole, receives a “yes” answer. So, perhaps to ward off hyperbole early on here, here are five points which everyone should ponder: One – No matter if the “dreamers” are allowed to remain in the U.S. or not, will the U. S. finally crack down on illegal immigration and build a wall along its southern border? Two – Why is only the winning side of the 2016 U. S. presidential election being probed for possible Russian collusion, when there is widespread speculation that the losing side may have been involved in such activity? Three – Although sexual and workplace advancement abuse against women has clearly been, and continues to be a problem, are there a number of influential women who today are attempting to pursue anti-male objectives whenever and wherever they can? Four – How much concern should the U. S. have in regard to the South African government’s threats to confiscate the property of its white citizens? And Five – Is anyone actually taking the future population estimates of the U. S. seriously? Is anything being done to keep America at manageable birth and immigration levels in the years to come?
Recently the leader of the city in which I reside called for a town meeting of all city residents. Obviously not all attended, but as I expected, most who did were either from the wealthier north side of our city, or from the newly developing “north river shore area.” But a number of residents from the poorer south side were there as well. And, it was quite a successful undertaking – I think! And we spoke there of many topics of concern, all the way from regional to international. And after the meeting ended, our leader, Ralph Hawk, asked if I’d write about the four topics I’d especially addressed there that evening. He said I should begin my piece by expanding upon those matters, and then carry on to include all other information which I felt should be disclosed to the public at this time. Thus, the following: I’m going to speak now of four central topics, i.e. populism, illegal immigration, feminism, and gun control/violence.
At this time in their nation’s history, the majority of Americans have no alternative but to embrace populism. And this is because, regardless of their financial status, or political or religious affiliations, they’re being told that they must support all causes which can in any way be aligned with liberalism. And thus, they’re being told to favor both the concept of illegal immigration, as well as such people who, as illegals, are already living inside the U. S. And, they’re also being told to support all feminist concerns, whether societally justifiable or radically left-wing; as well as all such other women’s rights causes which may exist between those. And, in regard to domestic gun violence, while they’re told on one hand to seek the curtailment of gun ownership rights, they’re also simultaneously informed that they must continue to support movie, television, and game violence carried out by all types of conceivable weapons; and also that of course they must feel sorry for, and try to sympathize with the brutal mass murderers of the last few years. – But, people lend your imagination especially to this last request please. Try to imagine (and I’m not inferring that I have any concept of it myself) how the loved ones of people who’ve been killed violently for no apparent reason must feel in the wake of those deaths. And for those who’ve survived the attacks – imagine what impact having even been a part of those vile actions will have upon their lives in the future, and especially if they were wounded or left disabled by them.
But it’s through a basic application of rightness that I fashion my own existence. And I don’t need the media with its fake news, or the entertainment industry with its phony awards show broadcasts to determine my opinions. In fact, I don’t want liberal biases to influence my way of life. I believe in what seems truthful to me, yet, I also know that not everyone can share my apparentness of veracity.
And it’s because I live to further what I’ve just stated, that I understand that most likely the title of this piece could just as easily and rightfully have been “An Irony Of Fashions,” or “Media Fears,” or “Justifications,” or probably a few other phrases which may have fit its pronouncements almost as well as the one which was eventually chosen for it. But irony perhaps belongs in its namesake, for this discussion addresses certain phenomena which instead of being simply disclosed to the public, are instead having their basic facts commented upon, and then often distorted by biased, confused, and/or still-learning informers.
And given what this piece has declared thus far, here I believe are three relevant questions which will aid its continuance. One – “Who decided what the proper procedures for the disclosure of either regional, national, or international news bits should be?” Two – “Who decided what those news bits should be; i.e. should certain occurrences be hidden from the public, while only such developments which might be deemed as being useful to the advancement of one certain political ideology be reported upon?” And three – “Who can look inside the mind of any other human and decide whether what he or she has, or is now recognizing as truthful is indeed verifiable?”
And now, given those questions, lets imagine that it’s but another day in Medialand (formerly The United States Of America), and once again so-called journalists and news reporters, as well as various television and radio political gossip hosts, and of course all other fake news purveyors and loudmouths are again holding forth upon unsuspecting audiences of commoners who are only reading, listening and viewing the outputs of those charlatans in the hope of learning the truth concerning such matters as may be of concern to them. But, of course that’s apparently too much for those commoners to wish for. What they need instead, according to the various members of the biased media and their comrades the “swampers” who live off taxpayer dollars in Washington D.C., is simply more indoctrination. Thus, I guess what follows then on days such as this one are some examples of written, spoken, and performed garbage which might just as easily be received on any certain day by middle class innocents.
For crying out loud, why don’t the working classes in America want to fund our burgeoning “sanctuary cities”? Don’t they know that many living here in Medialand need sanctuary from work? And if those who are outside of America’s “in, but non-working crowd” only knew the fear you’ve known, they wouldn’t tell you all you need to fear is fear itself. And don’t you wish we could take all the people who have a little money with us just once when, figuratively of course, we find ourselves driving illegally late at night down a dark and ghastly highway? And many are the demons that haunt us then – there on that roadway where the pavement is hardly visible, and oncoming traffic is even less so.
And, besides physically trying to keep our vehicle on the pathway that’s been paved for us by convention, we’re struggling mentally with these questions and others: “Why am I here today, driving along life’s highway illegally?” “What would happen to me if I, through my illegal status, caused the death or deaths of other motorists; or even if I was apprehended by the police here tonight in the darkness?” Or, “What if my life somehow ended here tonight out on the highway?” “Would I wish to greet the Son of Man in this fashion?”
But that particular common man, whether legal or illegal, much to the relief of all other commoners, did safely reach his home that night. And as, with stumbling steps he made his way toward his entrance door, he heard a voice call to him through the darkness. “Next time, if you’re out really late again, who would you like to ride with you on the way home?”
“Send me those Sunday morning and late night weekday media talk gossipers” replied the common one. “According to themselves, they have all the answers to all America’s problems. So probably they’d be my best bet for aid on my perilous journeys.”
But as he entered his house, suddenly the commoner noticed that his fear abated somewhat. And it seemed he was then almost capable of clear imaginings. Nonetheless, the following are some of his random thoughts, conceived then by a mind coming down to clarity. Oh, but did he vow to stop displaying middle class arrogance then? Yes, he did, but… And here are some of his thoughts.
Often our brothers and sisters take huge steps to ensure that certain pieces of what continually become past inevitabilities, or in more commonplace parlance, verbally spoken of, mentally thought of, or physically performed mundane tasks of the everyday are relegated to either seen or unseen hiding spots at which they’ll not be discovered should anyone wish to seek them – out. But less often, our mortal siblings will acknowledge central influences, or divulge random observations which in fact may have been observed to a great extent because of those influences.
And here are some steps to climb or follow if you’ve fallen from liberal graces. Imagine those liberal concepts passing through your mind. And then, label them as they seem to you, be they dangerous, pedestrian, non-creative, or whatever. And then raise your nose high into the air and say “I’m glad I’m better than almost all other humans; and I know that what they really want the final outcome of all of this to be, is the elimination of the male sex from the face of the earth.”
And then, on the following day, if you feel graceless still, imagine two lovers of sameness who together are looking at the cover of a book which features a man with a black line across his eyes. “There’s always a way for the pen man to unpen his way out of tight spots” says the male.
“It seems so” replies the female.
And then the man says “I don’t believe people who tell me they can remember their births.” And the woman says “No, I don’t believe them either. But I think they do remember their baptisms. After all, since you and I both sinned in Eden, all people now need to secure their bodies and souls to their Lord, rather than to that damn snake we met there that day.”
“Yeah, and nowadays almost everyone, male and female, needs to work in order to keep society functioning well.”
“That’s right, but I don’t like job performance evaluations and justifications. I only like money procurement.”
“Last night on television I saw that some people called ‘dreamers’ want to stay in America. They want to stay here, but yet they don’t want the natives of America to be able to build a wall to protect themselves.”
“I’m very fearful of those dreamers, but I also fear the blamers. And do you know who those blamers are blaming? They’re blaming people such as you and I – the common working people of America. They’re as much as saying that you and I were actually the people who pulled all the triggers at all the recent massacres.”
“I think you’re right. It would be such a relief for me if only I could free myself from the guilt being thrown upon me because someone else felt he or she needed to kill helpless others whom he or she offered up as sheep to be slaughtered because he or she couldn’t adapt to modern life, or because he or she was bullied, or because he or she was lazy, or slow mentally, or because his or her representatives in government didn’t keep murderous weapons out of his or her hands, or because he or she couldn’t get a break, or – or”
“Or was it really perhaps because he or she had had no decent parents or teachers to inform or educate him or her many years ago when, as a child he or she should have learned the many facets of the concepts of right and wrong?”
“Yeah, that was surely part of it. But what about all the violence that’s being promoted on television, in movies, and in ‘action games’? Doesn’t all that stuff impact still developing minds? Don’t young people who still haven’t got life ‘figured out,’ most likely see all that violence and bloodshed on the screens and then think that it’s probably a normal part of life?”
“I’m thinking that happens in some cases. But only one incident of its occurrence is necessary for it to become a contributing factor in the massacres we’ve seen recently.”
“That’s very true. Yet, media types plod on with their own interpretations of violence. They’d have all of America believe that it was people such as you and I, commoners in a common republic, who were, figuratively the trigger pullers in those slayings. And what did we do that was wrong? We didn’t have enough compassion for America’s haters and lawbreakers.”

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