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Spoken By: F. John Surells

Okay Ralph, do you have the recorders running over there? I’d like to get this done in one take. Renni wants to go out tonight.
You know, sometimes it takes a long time to adapt to change. And sometimes it takes a long time to realize that things have changed. And, sometimes it’s difficult to admit that certain changes weren’t beneficial. Sometimes changes we made were too liberally based. They opened the doors, so to speak, for people who hate us to enter our personal realms, and at least attempt to wrest our freedoms from us.
But then a somewhat controversial figure appeared on the political landscape. And he was an easy target then to receive the blame for problems which others before him, either through indifference or incompetence, failed to address and fix while they held the position which now is his.
And, now, to at least some degree, because of the notion that America owes everything to everyone, and is at fault for all problems domestic and foreign, the United States faces the coming to fruition of an era in which it will be ever weakened by people who apparently can’t help themselves, or at least can’t be helped by others while they remain in their native lands. No, evidently they all need to be brought to the United States, where they can languish without the skills they need to achieve decent employment, and where they can join various other crybabies who blame the current president for all that’s wrong in the world, and ridicule his family, and encourage businesses to boycott anyone who works for his administration. And, when people who are barely able to communicate the English language are elected to Congress, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that flags might be burned, and that those who looked the other way at such activities before, now won’t either defend or condemn them, but say instead that they’re legal under the Constitution - the same Constitution which, in the past, those same legislators have often ridiculed and wished to have torn up.
But I’m sure you know that Renni Maes and I were married recently. And, in the midst of all the controversy which seems to be more or less naturally generated within our city, we believed our exchange of vows would prove that our love for one another, as well as our respect for our own individual lives have been, and will continue to be real. And, we believed that realness would be reinforced by two submissions, one by Renni, and one by myself. And what you’re reading now is, of course, my half of that dual disclosure. But some may wonder why a verbal piece, (to this point at least) entitled for a woman, might become an essay concerning illegal immigration. And the answer to that presupposed question lies with the leader of our city, Ralph Hawk. He wanted my half of this “story” to document the conversation Renni and I were having at the time of that woman’s unexplained appearance.
Renni and I were merely sitting at our kitchen table that evening. We were discussing the current illegal immigration crisis which, in our opinion, has been foisted upon innocent Americans by people who now should remain, and previously should have remained in their own homelands. But suddenly our discussion was interrupted by a female “form” which we were able to see as she (or it) glided toward us in a corridor of light which somehow divided the darkness of night outside our patio glass. And she spoke to Renni and I separately - to Renni first, and then to me. And her brief conversations with us were somehow heard only by the person she addressed at that time, although both Renni and I saw her lips move as she spoke to our spouse. And after her form disappeared into the blackness of night, Renni and I decided not to tell one another what she’d said to either of us. Instead, we determined to relate the matter to the leader of our city, Ralph Hawk. And it was Ralph who then decreed that Renni and I should make this two part written or verbal statement. And, as I said, prior to our submitting our individual pieces concerning this incident, neither of us had informed the other of the content of the discourse we’d had with the mysterious female “form.”
“Who are you?” I asked the lady outside my window.
“I’ve revealed my identity to your wife” she said. “I won’t speak of it to you.”
“What do you want of me?” I asked.
“I’ve made my personal history, as well as my reason for being sent to you known to Renni” she answered. “And I already know that Renni will disclose that information in her half of the dual submission which will be petitioned of the two of you by your city’s leader.”
“Will Ralph tell me what to write?” I asked.
“No, he’ll tell you to write what I’m now about to assign you as your response to this incident. In your submitted piece, I simply want you to state the views you expressed to your wife earlier this evening before my appearance interrupted your and her dialogue with one another.”
“Okay, I’ll seek Ralph’s advice then, and proceed as necessary” I said. And as I said that, she disappeared from my sight.
The next day Renni and I requested a meeting with Ralph. And as is his usual response to extraordinary or unbelievable events, his focus upon hearing our tale was to determine what should be done about it, rather than to speculate about why or how it had been able to occur. So, what follows now are 1. My synopsis of the conversation Renni and I had prior to the appearance of the apparition, 2. My response to having actually seen the lady, or whatever she may actually have been, and 3. My reply to Ralph’s words of admonishment concerning the strangeness of our city, as well as the ever present possibility of strange activity to occur within this city.
A few days ago, outside my patio glass, I saw an apparition portrayed there. And it was shown there, I supposed, because of the blame that those who associate themselves with liberal perspectives have placed upon people such as myself – people who are only trying to live honest, godly, and lawful lives in a country which once was a sovereign state, but now has become a magnet for foreigners who no longer want to face the problems they confronted in their actual nations of birth, but now would simply rather live off the labor of others.
And, apparently the current populace of the U.S.A. can’t, or doesn’t want to realize the perilous point which its nation’s history has reached. And evidently many Americans, but especially those who side politically with that party Democratic, have determined that it would be wise to change America’s current ethnic majority to a minority as soon as possible. And thus, what seems to be a policy of virtually no background checking of so-called immigrants from all nations south of the U.S. is what those people seem to wish for.
But those who apparently wish for a Hispanic majority in the U. S. had better hope that when such a majority of population is achieved, Hispanic people will be as tolerant of them (the current majority) as they (the current majority) have been of the current minority. And, on the day that the United States Of America officially becomes a Hispanic nation, the repercussions will be felt worldwide. And I’ll not speculate upon them, but perhaps it’s not too early for many nations to begin to formulate what their approaches to the new America will be. And Canada, prepare yourself to be the last non-Hispanic nation in the Americas.
Long ago, during the administrations of post WW2 presidents, was when the U.S. should have begun a very serious crackdown on illegal immigration. But, for reasons of apparent political expediency, little was ever done concerning that problem during those years, and illegal immigration was allowed to become quite possibly the most divisive issue in the United States since slavery. And, speaking of slavery, who’s to say what a new Hispanic majority won’t do to minority whites and blacks in years to come? Enslavement?
There was a time when America’s liberals told its middle class to cut back somewhat, i.e. use less energy, use less pollutants, and control population growth. But evidently they’ve now decided that they must have been wrong in those decrees. Today they apparently want an unlimited population growth, supported by the illegal entry into this nation of peoples who traditionally have done little to limit the size of their families.
And, thus, tonight I feel especially helpless in these days when unknown, unchecked, and unverified individuals are allowed into this nation. Nonetheless, I must continue to pursue the passage of time. And, God, it’s passing here! And outside, even though this day had the long light of early July, that light has now been consumed by an eerie absence of light – an absence which reminds me of the possible criminals, haters of America, and people associated with drug and/or human trafficking whom my government, because of the crybaby liberals within it, are now permitting to enter my homeland.
And now, during these days of strife, which are actually being foisted upon us by foreigners and a liberal media, we’re continually shown the faces of family members separated from one another. And we’re (the commoners of America) made to believe that we alone are to blame for the situation along our southern border. And we’re also condemned for the current mess concerning so-called “dreamers.” But who really is to blame here? Is it not past American leaders and presidents who basically looked the other way concerning the problem of foreigners trying to steal America’s freedoms away from those who’ve enjoyed those freedoms ever since they’re births inside the U.S.A.?
But the worst of the evil to come will, of course arrive when most Americans alive today have passed on. And, in years to come, future generations of Americans (or whatever they’ll be known of as then) will never have the opportunities that those of us alive in this nation enjoy today. And they’ll never know that once upon a time life in the U.S.A. was at least somewhat, if not very good. All they’ll know is that there’s a teeming population to their south – a population which likes to foist itself upon others, and which is advancing ever northward.

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