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Written By: R.F. Husnik

September, because
you honor our workers,
amongst the year’s ending embers
you are my special
love though you have not
the great celebrations
as November has
the giving of thanks
and December has
the Lord’s birth
day to honor his
life and perhaps
serve as a day of
reconciliation for mortals
as they plan their resolutions
ere the new year begins

But September,
between you and those
who end the year lies
October with a final
day of dedication
to all that’s fearful,
but yet, also to collecting
candy door to door

Still, October has
a character unto itself
not found in even
December’s year’s ending

It portends the earthly
and eternal harvest
home – a temporal end,
but an everlasting
beginning granted as
reward for mortal lives
lived well for their Master

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