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Written By: Orlon Braem

America’s 2020 presidential race will be remembered as having been an extremely important one because what’s really being decided in it is whether or not the United States will remain a free democratic capitalist republic in years to come, or whether it will begin a trek leftward politically which will end eventually with the nation going as far in that direction as it can go; in other words, if America elects the Biden/Harris ticket it starts down the road to becoming either another modern day China, or World War two era Soviet Union, most likely featuring a dreadful tyrant such as Stalin. But please don’t misconstrue this piece’s long opening sentence. It’s not saying Biden or Harris are, or will become another Stalin. What it is saying is that their election will begin a process which, years in the future will culminate with the United States of America becoming a left wing dictatorship.
When asked how long last summer’s protests would continue, the Democrat candidate for vice president said the protests should continue up to, and even after the presidential election. And since we know those protests often turned violent, what was Kamala Harris really advocating when she answered that question as she did? I’ll let you guess. And what would Harris do to America if she ever became its president? Sadly, the answer to that question is most likely this: Lead it toward socialism and a reality of life in which many of the freedoms once taken for granted by Americans would need to be surrendered to the government.
But as far as the man on the Democratic ticket is concerned, weak, ineffectual, and cognitively challenged people should never lead nations – and especially not the very powerful ones. One can look to both the histories of America and the world as a whole to see what often happened to such leaders in the past. Many times they were taken advantage of by both domestic and foreign foes, and sometimes even people they considered their friends betrayed them.
Thus, if you’ve already voted for the Biden/Harris ticket, you’ve already voted for a ticket which will in all likelihood set America on an unalterable course toward socialism in the near future; and communism in the years to come. Yet, today while we’re still able to live in a capitalist (not a utopian economic system either, but unlike socialism, communism, and fascism, at least one which allows people to have personal freedom) society, of course we need to buy things to facilitate our daily well-being. And most of us buy those things in stores. Some of our fellow Americans however apparently feel that society owes them those items, so they steal or loot them. But for us who do obey the law and make purchases, “good buys” are always a thankful find. And sometimes (and perhaps sometimes for literary expediency only) we can make a connection between purchases and choices, although good choices are probably more important than good buys. And given that soon Americans will choose a president to serve them for the next four years, they’ll need to make a good choice and not a bad buy. Then America will remain great.
But don’t all lives matter? Don’t all people live via grace extended by a force beyond them which exerts the complete mastery of all that exists earthly, universally, temporally, and eternally? And doesn’t that force decide what one’s race and gender shall be? Yes, but beyond that the Deity leaves almost all subsequent decisions concerning any living mortal to that mortal’s free will - free will being a concept difficult to fathom when one must realize that the power mortals know as God allows them the choice to do right or wrong.
But why would such a freedom be extended? It must be because the Deity wants the human to live freely, and give its love freely to both the Deity and its fellow man, unfettered by wrongs which entered existence through free will abused. In other words, there must be fidelity now to the reality that the human was created in God’s image – and was meant to be free and non-sinful. And knowing this, we know why all impediments to human existence exist. They’re real to show the consequences of wrong and evil choices freely made.
And yes, it’s too bad that all mortals, even those seeking a nation’s highest office, sometimes forget about, or even condone evil. But then again, maybe we’ve now acknowledged the real reason for racism and all the most current health and non-health related scourges upon mankind. Maybe humans no longer know enough about their Creator or, maybe they don’t know him at all. And maybe that’s why, while some say they oppose violence, aborting human life doesn’t bother them.
And in the upcoming presidential election, all Americans will choose between two elderly gentlemen. One seems to be in control of his faculties, while the other seems fortunate to know the day of the week. And while one will offer Americans a safe succession should any great evil befall him during the next four years, the other will offer someone who will most likely try to lead the nation much further toward socialism today, and communism tomorrow. Yes, those are dreaded ways of life which reward only the non-productive and criminal elements of any society.
And in a socialist America police forces would probably be severely underfunded or perhaps completely eliminated. And it’s very possible that America would then be back to the days of lawlessness it once knew in the post Civil War era when gunslingers spread fear and terror – especially in the West. And it’s also very possible that gangs of thugs, murderers and rapists would run wild then across the American nation. There might even very well be a return to the days of hard core criminals such as Dillinger, who either individually, or as members of organized or unorganized groups, would then terrorize the American landscape. And they’ll have guns, but the weapons of everyday Americans will have been confiscated, even if their owners once used them for hunting only.
But, unfortunately a great number of Americans are apparently ready now to accept the scenarios of the previous paragraph. They’re apparently ready now to defund and eliminate their local police forces so that a large number of individuals can then have a “free reign” to loot, murder, rape, and commit only God knows what other forms of evil without the fear of repercussion. And in response to increased crime, liberals will add to the number of judges on the nation’s Supreme Court. That way they’ll have enough socialists so that it will then prosecute only those who try to protect themselves and their property.
And please don’t be taken in by twisted rhetoric. It’s not really because of police over-stepping their authority that their elimination is being sought. It’s rather because a large number of people simply want to be able to do, without any legal consequence, whatever they damn well feel like doing whether or not it’s currently considered legal or illegal.
But of course the coronavirus is a campaign issue in the upcoming election. Thus, I’d ask you to keep two things in mind when liberals try to blame the spread of the virus on the current administration. One: If this administration had done, and was still doing all that liberals say it should have done, and should still be doing in regard to the virus, then today liberals would be saying that the administration should have followed, and should still be following the course of action it did take, and is currently still taking; and Two: during the timespan that liberals claim more should have been done to combat the coronavirus, they had the entire government embroiled in an impeachment process which had no grounds for implementation. And this phony impeachment inquiry then hindered all government processes, while it simultaneously, in all probability rendered the impeachment process ineffective in the future should that process really be needed then to be used against any government official who actually may have abused his or her position of power.
And if the threat of police elimination in and of itself weren’t enough from keeping people to “buy in” to one certain candidate’s ideas, then the threat of socialism certainly should be. If you want an America in which you can work ever harder to support criminals, intentionally non-productive individuals, and “overlords” who’ll do nothing but criticize you no matter what you do, then vote incorrectly in the upcoming election.
And make no mistake about it, life will deteriorate in America under a socialist regime. And a severely socialist or communist United States of America will then have a drastic effect worldwide. Many poorer nations which look to a capitalist U. S. for support and guidance today, won’t find it long after Biden and Harris are gone, and the states united are being run by a dictator; probably someone such as Stalin.
But maybe you think we’re blowing this out of proportion. Yet, look at what the prospects of electing the wrong president in November could and probably would be. A trend toward socialism would then begin. And what could this trend possibly lead to during the next, and subsequent administrations? Here are some very real possibilities: 1. an end to private gun ownership, 2. a severe defunding and/or elimination of police forces, 3. open borders which will allow millions of modern day carpetbaggers from anywhere south of the Rio Grande river to enter the U.S. and apply for government benefits here, 4. an end to red meat consumption and the elimination of cattle, 5. no prosecution of lawbreakers who loot and destroy property, 6. a legislative attack on America’s suburbs which will force them to construct low cost housing within their geographic areas, thereby lowering their standard of living, and increasing their taxes, 7. an end to fracking, 8. gas and oil shortages which will raise the prices of these commodities and most likely add huge costs to homeowners who need to heat their dwellings in winter, 9. increased gas prices for automobiles and the eventual banning of automobiles which will lead to, 10. an aspect of the years to come that’s probably not well understood by most modern day Americans. In its left-wing future, America’s citizens will be sequestered in groups within certain areas. And these areas of the U.S.: the South, the Southwest, the Great Plains, and especially the Midwest will serve as “worker areas” to support left-wing radicals who’ll reside in the Pacific coast and upper eastern Atlantic coast states.
And if liberals succeed in their threats to eliminate the electoral college system of electing the U.S. president, the above mentioned worker areas will basically have no say in who their leaders will be. And then, added to this is the possibility that modern day left-wing enclaves such as Puerto Rico, American Samoa, and Washington D.C. may receive statehood. This would result in the Democratic Party having perpetual control of the U. S. Senate, and most likely in the eventual outlawing of the Republican Party, and censure, or even imprisonment of anyone exposing conservative viewpoints.
And isn’t it strange how so many people seem to worry so much about the environmental future tomorrow’s Americans may face, yet don’t seem to care at all about a very probable future political environment that will rob them of their very freedoms in the years to come? And also, how can people be led astray by politicians of all ages whose political naivete is so glaring? Free health care, free collage, a guaranteed income whether one wants to work or not, massive government benefits for illegal aliens, virtually no punishment for lawbreakers, and the list goes on and on. And remember, all these handouts will need to be paid for. And we’ve already said which areas of the nation will work to provide the funds. But, of course the left wing lawmakers won’t help raise this money. They’re too good to do manual labor. But, to give them some credit, at least they’ve been able to make it through life living off the toil of others.

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