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Written By: R.F. Husnik

Are these words from one
Sitting, or different settings?
I guess it doesn't matter.

But just the thought of matters
Current and past
Brought me today to an observation
Concerning the states in America.
And I guess within those states 
The days of innocence
Are now really over.

And if we didn't know it earlier, 
We know it now - America
Can't function well when its leaders 
Continually attempt to tell its
People how to live, and then manipulate
All that those people
Can possibly do and be.

And today, I wouldn't term it 
Far fetched to wish that 
Even a Coolidge or an Eisenhower
We're on the ballot
In this nation in peril.

Will the powerful
In Washington D.C.
Allow Americans to live freely?
And will they stop bringing people
Who don't belong here
Into this nation?

And the cliché "What's done is done"
Probably doesn't lend itself well
To poetry,
Yet removing someone's picture
From monetized paper, 
Or refusing to stand during 
National tributes 
Won't ever change
What's occurring today, nor 
Will it matter to whatever 
May have "gone down" 
Right or wrong
In the past.

It will only be
In the court of any real significance,
Before eternal
And not temporal judges
That mortals will recount, explain,
And then attempt to justify 
All their earthly deeds                                                                                                                                   No matter had those deeds
Been perceived good or bad.

And today we can't allow 
Much time to pass unmonitored
In a world terrorized
By both terrorists and 
Would-be leaders
Who charge large speaking fees
And stash cash in foundations.

And why would anyone trust 
Anyone who's, in the past
Been proven untrustworthy?
And, we're often told
"America is more diverse today,"
Yet little is said
About how it's also become
Severely less well-versed
In matters of freedom, responsibility,
And yes, correctness.

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