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Written By: Steven Fillmore

On the day I was called upon to answer executive, judicial, and legislative questions, conservatism’s benevolent angel spread its wings o’er me and in my stead said “I am the protector of all, but especially of commoners. And it’s I who truly cares about, and watches over the downtrodden, rather than use them as political pawns. And when my comforts reach the nation’s population, they aid all segments of it. And I’d ask you to remember that it’s one thing to determine if speculations concerning the past were real or fabricated, and then quite another to fathom what, if any changes were wrought in the great society because of any alterations to the expected present.”
“And if I were a human, I’d not want my nation’s top investigative force to determine how many beers I’d drunk at a party many years ago, or if indeed that party had ever taken place. And I’d especially not want such a probe, when the real reason for it would not be to determine whether or not any wrongdoing had occurred many years ago, but rather to simply delay the confirmation hearings of a well-qualified judicial candidate until after some upcoming elections had taken place. And if indeed I had attended some parties where illegal or immoral activities had occurred, and I found my conscience troubled by my attendance there, or by my participation in such activities, I’d report such parties and activities to parents and authorities as soon as possible, not half a lifetime later.”
“But I wouldn’t continually try to pit men against women, and women against men for political advantage. And I’d try to dissolve and resolve racial tensions across my land, rather than exacerbate them in an attempt to gain governmental power. Oh, and I’d not pick on elderly white males simply because their lives are nearing their conclusions. Instead, I’d honor those men for the work they did for me; and remember, if all they did during their lifetimes was support themselves and their families, then they helped me, because then I didn’t need to pay for their welfare.”
“And if I voted in elections to determine the leadership of my nation, I’d not vote for such a political party which constantly tries to stir up trouble across my land. I’d vote instead for such a party which attempts to keep my freedoms real, and which works to protect me from seizures of my hard earned wealth, and redistribution of it to mortals who wish not to work, or are existing within my homeland illegally, or both. And now, Steven, my testimony is ended, and yours must begin”
And Mr. Fillmore took his place on the stand then and said: Rest now. Rest within the knowledge that we sought always righteousness, civility, caring, humility, individualism, order, and personal freedom for all men and women; but that we tempered that search with a promise to never grant victory or sanctuary to those who in one way or another wish to denigrate the lifestyle of any human, provided of course that such a lifestyle was in accordance with rightful laws. And, no, we didn’t sanction the actions of freeloaders. They feel society owes them a living.
And maybe you’re wondering why the word “lodestar” appeared as the title of this piece. Apparently it’s a convenient word for cowards to use when they publish anonymous opinion pieces. Words such as it evidently “set up” innocent pawns as the possible authors of worthless cheap-shot pieces which publications of credibility wouldn’t print.
But of course we support freedom of the press. And we support magazines and newspapers who dig for dirt against aspiring governmental employees. And we sympathize with writers who evidently have nothing better to write about than meaningless mistakes and accomplishments either committed or performed recently, years ago, or many years ago. Yet, we wish those writers would take a look at themselves in a truth-telling mirror. Maybe then they’d see that they’re neither God’s gift to journalism, nor to a peaceful passage of time for God’s children upon planet Earth.
Still, thank goodness our members of the House of Representative and Senate can take time out from their “impeachment crying sessions” to determine for us whether or not any judicial nominees ever bumped into any members of the opposite sex as they walked down the hallways of their high school many years ago. And may God bless those ex-presidents who travel our land today spreading their message of hatred and racial discord; as well as those “investigators” who today waste their own time as well as taxpayer dollars “looking into” possible wrongdoing by the winning side of the last presidential election, when most likely the losing side was guilty of it.
And, if the liberal-based political party ends up not faring as well as it expects to in the upcoming elections, it may well be because of the shameful conduct its members displayed during the recent Supreme Court nomination process. Hopefully voters will remember how, for nothing more than the chance to extend their control over the American populace, those liberal senators attempted to ruin the career of a good and honest man.
But in the end, the most tragic aspect of liberalism and its purveyors is that it and they are, and always will be beholden only to losers, haters, crybabies, and nihilists. And as a political force, though it has, and will continue to win certain battles, ultimately it will always fail, simply because most human beings don’t want the fruits of their labors torn from them and given to other humans who wish not to work, or would rather live off the labors of someone else, in that someone else’s country.

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