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Written By: Steven Fillmore

Before I begin here, I want to admit that the current situation concerning illegal immigration into the United States was certainly what prompted me to write this. I’m sure you noticed that during the recent national elections, candidates for representative, senator, and governor all stressed what they would do to help America’s youth. Yes, they all had a lot of nice promises to make to the Americans of tomorrow; but they neglected to address one key issue: Who’s going to support thousands and thousands of illegal immigrants in the years to come? Surely as mechanization progresses, the signs point toward less unskilled labor being necessary in the future. Will employed Americans of the future need to support massive amounts of people who shouldn’t have been allowed to resettle here?
When I submitted this piece to our city’s leader Ralph Hawk, he and I argued concerning its content. He told me he felt it was borderline racist; but I said, “At my age, I’m too old to be concerned with the names various groups call one another. All I care about now (unlike many politicians who preach their caring of American youth while they don’t really practice it) is what life on this planet, but especially in this nation, will be like in the years to come.”
Thus, over the objection of Ralph, I’m going to take a chance here. I’m going to write something which may be objectionable to some, but which I feel is very sincere – and not racist!
I’ll say today that for over four decades I worked at a manual labor job in this city. And it was a good job, and the owner of the factory at which I toiled was a good man. He passed away about two years ago, and as soon as his death was made known, our leftist media descended upon his legacy and recast it portraying Mr. Havess as having been a miserly monster, instead of what he really was, an unpretentious kind hearted man.
And personally, although I never achieved any special status in my life, I also lived with the stigma of guilt hanging over my head. I tried to do what was right, but of course I could never be completely innocent of blame because, as liberals told me, all those minorities had life so much worse than me, and I didn’t care enough about that fact.
But now, as my final years near, I can’t help but think about the Americans of tomorrow. And I know that changes will come to the U.S.A. in years to come. Still, I fear the young people of today are too centered in the present. When I was their age, there was a great concern in this nation about pollution, manmade changes to the environment, and the one that we were told lay at the root of all newly realized (at that time) twentieth century problems – over population.
Yet today, as I look at the societal landscape of the U.S.A., I still see and hear many liberal based individuals talking about environmental concerns, but now with what I feel is a hypocritical addendum. These people now want the U.S.A. to allow mass immigration. They apparently want the American nation flooded with people from south of its border. And how, I ask you, will bringing tens, and probably hundreds of thousands of such people into this land, do anything to reverse environmental problems here? In fact, won’t it exacerbate such concerns?
If I were a young American today, I’d give a second thought to the mass immigration of Hispanics into the U.S.A. I’d ask myself how this trend of an ever increasing Hispanic population is impacting my homeland, and how it will impact it (and me) in years to come. And though it may not be politically correct to do so, I’d admit that many who are trying to enter my native land have no basic skills to support themselves should they enter here. And I’d recognize that many are criminals, or would become criminals after they’d been here awhile. And I’d also accept the fact that, thus far at least, these peoples have shown a tendency toward having large families. Thus, I’d ask myself, what will a greatly expanding Hispanic population mean for non-Hispanic Americans in the years to come?
But yes, I know that according to some I’m probably a near-racist. Yet, I’d be considered that no matter what I had to say. Simply, in the minds of leftists, because I was born without a skin color, I’ll be forever abusing other races and other Americans who practice what I’ll term “non-traditional lifestyles”.
And, what does it matter if my thoughts sometimes stray to the stereotyped white Americans of the future? What will life be like in The United States Of America when Hispanics are the majority ethnic group? Will they care about the minorities of tomorrow as much as those who are the majority today care about them? Will a “melding” of Hispanics and “the old white race” produce a new type of majority white race in years to come? And, what will the reaction of America’s black race be to these developments?
I wonder how many of those crossing our border illegally ever stop to think about how they’re altering the lives of true Americans by doing what they’re doing? Very few I’d suspect. In fact, it could be said that these are very selfish people. They apparently care only about themselves; otherwise they’d remain in their own native lands and try to improve life there. And I don’t accept the argument that they’re so poor and abused that there’s nothing they can do but try to escape. If they have the gumption and means to leave, then they also have those same abilities to stay where they are and improve life there. Remember, during times of peril in the U.S.A., the civilian population here didn’t simply give up and run away to Canada or Mexico.
Long ago is when America should have begun a serious and dedicated crackdown on illegal immigration. And yes, your children and grandchildren will pay a price for uncontrolled illegal immigration. They’ll pay it in dollars subtracted from their paychecks (or however they’ll be paid in years to come) to support people who don’t belong here, as those people languish on welfare or in prisons.
And it won’t be long before Americans of all ages realize that already today the so-called “American dream” lifestyle has been replaced by the “American do what you need to do to get by” way of life. And yet, though that may have changed, one thing that’s remained constant is that, in the eyes of liberals, anyone born of the white race is automatically a racist, and if he’s a male, nine chances out of ten are that he’s a misogynist as well.
Yet, over the years (but never more than the present time) we’ve heard liberal types tell us that they alone are the only people who really care about America’s future and, future Americans! And now, with the American nation at a point of division it’s probably not experienced since the last years before the outbreak of its bloody civil war, these liberal types put future Americans at risk by refusing to take whatever steps they possibly could take (and the building of a strong wall along our southern border would be the most effective one) to avoid an ultimate confrontation between Hispanics and Americans, which will be our children’s birthright, given to them by us their elders, because of the obstinance of liberals amongst us.
Now, there is no doubt that minority groups have been victimized in the United States over the years. And, there also is no doubt that much has been done to attempt to change racial biases and discrimination in this nation. However, now a new phenomenon apparently lurks on the horizon. It’s estimated that by somewhere around the year 2040, Hispanics will be the majority ethnic group in the U.S.. But what does the American media say about that? Little if anything. I guess media types are simply going to let the American populace hope and pray that the good of the two possible scenarios concerning the saturation of America by Hispanics will be the one which someday occurs. Oh, and what are those two scenarios? First, that a successful “amalgamation” of numerous ethnic groups would produce a strong and proud people such as the combining of Saxons, Angles, Normans, Danes, and several other groups led to today’s English population; or second, that diverse ethnic groups would someday be a major factor in the demise of the entire nation, such as happened in The Roman empire.
So, given what I’ve just written, I’ve wondered often what “little people” (and in American life today “little people” are usually all such types as are not involved in national politics, national media, professional sports, or the leftist portion of America’s entertainment sector) can do to keep America well and vibrant during the inevitable years of change which loom ahead. I’ll now mention the nine I believe to be the most important, and then I’ll “sign off”. Thank you, Steven F.
Number One: Build the wall along the southern border. This will greatly reduce the amount of illegal immigration into the nation. Number Two: Achieve a strong immigration policy for the future, and adhere to it! And, that policy should be based upon allowing entry into America of such people as will actually help America, rather than become a burden to it continually, or at least for a number of years. Number Three: Deport people who are now in our nation illegally, unless they can prove a reason constructive to America as to why they should remain here, and achieve legal citizenship here. Number Four: Stop promoting the United States of America as some sort of panacea in which all people automatically live the good life just due to their presence here. Number Five: Develop a new strategy for dealing with all nations directly south of the U.S., whether they be in Latin or South America. Try to help those nations improve their living standards, so that not so many of their people will wish to enter the United States. Number Six: Develop a comprehensive plan concerning world population. But remember, simply saying that those with more should sacrifice more will get no one anywhere in regard to this topic in the years to come. One thing that will always remain the same (and regardless of what type of economic system any nation may have) is that some mortals will not wish to labor so that the fruits of their labor can be given to other mortals who’d rather take life easy. Number Seven: If you are someone who has the valid opinion that life’s sacredness renders abortion a non-option, remember that you also must work to thwart uncontrolled world population growth. Many people may believe strongly that abortion is wrong, but all people should believe easily that starvation is as well. Number Eight: If you are a black American, remember that you are a proud and necessary part of an America which will probably change because of Hispanic immigration in the years to come. Try to adapt to that change in such a fashion as will help your race, and the other races and ethnic groups which will constitute the future population of the United States of America. You’ve always been told that America is a “melding pot”. And in the years to come, I believe your importance in American life will greatly increase, no matter what may befall any other race or ethnic group in the U.S.A. And Number Nine: Lately, through various sources, a number of left-wing policy advocates have been posturing for an end to all borders worldwide. The lunacy of this wish should be apparent, but in case it’s not, remember again, as stated in this piece previously, some people need to do the physical work which keeps societies functioning. And left-wing writers and policy advisors don’t (and won’t) picture themselves as doing the agricultural, factory, construction, and various other labor intensive type jobs whose performance will be necessary in the future no matter if nations have borders or not. No, those liberal types see themselves as being above manual labor tasks. Job such as those need to be done by peasants. Thus, what would happen in a world without borders? The answer is one of two possible scenarios: Either a grounded workforce would do society’s necessary tasks while various other people who would rather live off the labors of those workers travelled about worldwide or, numerous, or perhaps only one powerful centralized governments or government would ensure that all people would do their fair share of society’s work by imposing either numerous or one worldwide left or right wing regimes or regime across the world, which would then, by necessity curtail most or all the freedoms now enjoyed by the various nations who today function with a democratic republic as their economic system.

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