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It was nothing but just a few hours ago i had finished the Hunger Games Trilogy. Exciting, right? Haha, well, let me tell you, I have never, in my entire life, read a book (book series) that messed with my emotions, as this one did. It was truly written with brilliance, and patience, and imagination. I can honestly say, it's changed me in a way, I just haven't figured it out yet. Nonetheless, I'm working on it, though.

Although, I actually want to know what you think. What are your views on it? Did you like it? Have you read it? (You most definitely should) What have you heard about it, (if you haven't read it)?

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I must add them to my reading list, (which has a few before I get to them) I am always willing to learn and tend to analyse the books I am reading. Not so many authors can stop this, so I know when an author is brilliant as I find myself lost in their words... Sounds like this could be one such author.

Keep away.

Why, perchance?

Cleveland W. Gibson said:

Keep away.

I havn't personally read the book myself yet but my friends recoomend it (and one of them is a true book snob like myself!). It's certainly on my reading list, It's a really original idea from what I've heard of the plot so far!


I recommend a series of books also that are written VERY well in my opinion, the sort of book that grabs you so you don't want to put it down... The Morganville's by Rachel Caine. Doesn't look much from the cover but actually very good when you get into them! Don't let the Vampire theme fool you either!

I read them when the movie just hit the scene.  I had no intention to read them - until everyone made such a big deal about them.  While this stems to be a young adult movie, and I am far from young adult, the seriousness of the situations appeals to adults. 

I really enjoyed it - Only thing I did not like...  The entire set of books gripped you - you wanted to turn the pages - but that last chapter of the last book just fizzled out.  I would have liked to see a stronger ending to the series - but I did highly enjoy the books.

i havnt seen it yet but it has been recommended by most of my friends.

Muiu - From what I hear the movie is very different then the book - like most times - the book is much better. You should try it some time when you get the chance.

to me, it seems like another obsession of society today. just as twilight has been. Im sure the book series is okay but not truly worth what all this famed fuss, wanna read a better book series?? try escape from furnace from alexander gordan smith. THAT is a work of excellence.

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