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I was thinking today about how big the internet is and the vastness of its reach. And then I pondered on how we all find our little corners of happiness on the web. is definitely one of mine! So tell me, how did you get here initially and discover our fab community? :D

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I was surfing the internet and here I am smile!

that's how I got here too...It's a really great source of information...I wish I found this site before I published my book...

Sunny Starr said:

I was surfing the internet and here I am smile!

I felt the idea of finding some experienced authors before i began to write my own book would be a wise thing to do. So i simply typed in and here I am. :)

Welcome Savvy...I sure wish I found this site before I wrote and published my book...I probably could have saved several thousand dollars, and with the quality of advice here, probably written it better besides...

Hi Kay, thank you for your welcome, I'm new to this site.  I was given the link by a friend of mine to come and try this site as I was finding it a very lonely place out there as a self published author with no one to advise and everyone so darn competitive all the time.  I'm looking forward to learning much and meeting others in the same boat as me.

That's great! Glad I could help! 

Stanley S. Thornton said:

Hi, Amanda, Once again, I'm taking the time to thank you for the information on facebook.  Between Oct 18, when I opened the facebook page for my book, and yesterday afternoon, I was at 3 likes and 172 impressions, on my earliest, I'm at 10 likes and 219 far, that hasnt translated into sales, but atleast I know people are talking about it...I also had 13 website hits in the last couple days...


Ahh..easy..Google is the perfect illustration of the "Law of Attraction" , you think "writing" , "publishing" and then you type  "authors" on Google and there it was, on second page of my search! :0)

I was looking up a particular author (I cant even remember who, now), and saw that they had been posting over here.

I found, quite naturally, via the internet, like most others I'm sure. I don't recall the specific LinkedIn site where was mentioned but, needless to say, here I of many and apparently growing. Looking forward to many discussions, at least those that aren't promotional in nature, as I wind my way towards eventual publication. I'm sure that I will be seeing you around the site.  Michael

I was looking around for support in author communities and I found you:)

A member posted a press release by Hospice of the Comforter here in the Orlando area about my work with a patient who happened to be an author.

Hello Kay Elizabeth,

Thank you for the welcome to I found out about the site through the person who was doing some fine tuning on my web site. She thought it might help with the marketing of my two books, and I think she was right. Please take a look at my site and let me know what you think. Good luck with your projects, and I hope to hear from you in the future. Kurt

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