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I was thinking today about how big the internet is and the vastness of its reach. And then I pondered on how we all find our little corners of happiness on the web. is definitely one of mine! So tell me, how did you get here initially and discover our fab community? :D

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Hi Amanda,


yeah I did that but the notes didn't appear on the page, but on my personal profile page. Facebook, I hate it!!


Grrr, Geoff

Amanda Chambers said:

@Stanley You can only have one personal profile page. You can have an unlimited number of fan pages. I have four. As for your book, if you don't mind about a 6-week delay, I write reviews and post them on my blog, Amazon, B&N, Goodreads and I don't have a huge following, only a few hundred, but it might help get your book out there some. I am a Christian, but it doesn't bother me to read things that may stretch me a bit. You can check out some of my previous reviews on my blog.


@Geoff If you go to your FB pages, and click Edit Page, you can go to Apps on the left sidebar. Select Notes and click Add (Tab). There you go.

Hi Steve...there is also the problem that people try to relate to older times through the prism of modern day.  Just understanding the difficulty of traveling from New York to California 150 years ago is hard for people.  Today, we board a jet and make the trip in five hours...But a covered wagon was lucky to do 20 miles a day.  It's hard for people to make the connection when they can get in their car, get on the freeway, and travel further in 20 minutes, than a pioneer went in a whole day, let alone trying that on a hot summer day, without turning on the air conditioner.  And then you get the people who read Nostradamus, and they read the eagle and the bear, and they assume Nostradamus was talking about the United States and what was the USSR. But neither existed during Nostradamas' time.  In ancient times, the eagle and the bear were Rome and Assyria, respectively.  I've also discussed, for instance, when the bible talks about people living exessively long periods of time.  Did people really live 700 years, or did a more modern man not understand the difference in measuring time?  In ancient times, man measured time in cycles of the moon.  If you consider, what if the bible was not referring to years, but rather than these people lived, for instance, 700 moons, as in new moons?  Since there is roughly 12 new moons in a year, if you divide 700 by the number of full moons in a year, you get more like 58 years.   Even though this would still have allowed people to live longer than the average person of the time, we have people living to 110 or more, when the average lifespan now is around 70 or 80.
Hi Stanley, I agree with you on the who time thing.  People of yesteryear measured time in accordance to moon phases and they would have said they were 700 moons, it would make sense they were referring to new moons as it was a clearly measurable event in the sky that occurred rather frequently they could remember.  I too read about Nostradamus and like you said, many interpret what he predicted to today instead of what was then.  Knowing the countries and continent names then to match what he was predicting could also come up similarities I'm sure.  A lot to ponder and a lot to discuss and provide interesting arguments either way.  I welcome more at any time.  :-)

I also like Eric Von Daniken and his books.  Even if you ignore the ancient astronaut theories, he does present mysteries from all over the world.  Easter Island, Nazca Plain, and even an iron pole that never rusts.  Dozens and dozens of examples.  Things even today we cannot explain. As for Nostradamas, I love how noone has ever shown one of his supposed predictions before the event takes place.  But then, I don't think he predicted anything. I think he just wrote some quatrains, and that's all they were.  And it's the people that looked for prophecies in them.  But that's my personal position.

Thanks for the information on facebook.  I now have a facebook page for my book.  It's gonna take time to add stuff on there, but atleast I have a page...but now I gotta put that link on my website.  Just one more thing for me to have to make time for...thanks again, because I would have gone on thinking I couldn't do a facebook page for my book, if you hadn't told me.
I think I missed the details on the FB page for our books.  When you set yours up Standley, do you have LIKE button on it too?  If so, could you share how you did it?  Thanks!
I just wrote a mini-tutorial on how to set up a fan page and put the widget on your site/blog. I did it pretty quickly, so if I missed something, just ask.

Sorry if I've missed any threads for this discussion, I was out all day filming yesterday.





I was invited by a coworker at Coffee Time Romance & More.
Filming sounds fun. Hope you are enjoying the experience...

Geoff Hall said:

Sorry if I've missed any threads for this discussion, I was out all day filming yesterday.





Hi there!

My pen name is C.E. Scott.  I am from Alexandria Virginia where I live with my spouse and cat.  I was laid off in 2008 which gave me time to finish my first book.  I enjoy writing and hope I can keep on. 

In my long search for an authors forum, I found this site.  I am looking for those who can read my book and give me feedback.

I have been writing since I was a teen and my English teachers urged me to consider a writing career because they told me that I had a natural talent for it.  I am in the process of writing a trilogy and have finished my first ebook in the series.  At present I am stuck in writers block and need to find a remedy.  If you can give me some pointers, I would be greatly appreciative.

I didn't find an editor and have still have come across some errors in my work.  I intend to repost my book with the corrections.  As soon as I make these minor changes, I will post my book.  I am not quite sure how though.  I am unsure if I can send an attachment by personal message or what.  Since I have put up my book for sale, I am reluctant to post the entire book on my website, but giving that I have had no hits to speak of on my website, I may do just that.

If you can give me some other idea as to how to post my book on this site, please let me know.






Hi CE,

Do a selective release, the first chapter as a kind of taster.


How are you monitoring 'hits' on your site? Is your site linked to others, how often do you release something (e.g. news) on your site?

How did you publish your e-book? Was it through an independent publisher or did you have a tech dude do the coding for you?


Is it Apple i-Book Store or Amazon Kindle? Or both?!


How are you marketing your book?

Sorry that's a lot of questions. Generally, if you are wanting people to pay for it, then don't release all of it on your website!


Kind Regards,



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