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I'm trying out a new marketing and book promotion strategy ( at least new for me ). For a limited time I'm offering free downloads of the first book in my "Reeshard and The Great Parish Swamp" series. Hopefully enough downloads will create a positive buzz about the book. We all know recommendations through word of mouth is a great promotion technique. I'm testing this out to see if it really might create a stir of followers looking to grab the second book right after as well as get some honest reviews for free. Free downloads are available at: if anyone is interested.  I'd really like a little input also to see what others think of this type of marketing technique being used.

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W.J. you would get more response to this if you posted it in the Marketing and Promotions Group as a new discussion. You'll see the Add A Discussion link under the Discussion Forum section within that.

If you do so please let me know via my inbox. I'll remove this then so we don't have duplicate content anywhere. Thanks. Am closing this thread in the meantime.


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