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Written By: Anonymous

I don’t know that I’d accept as being truthful anyone who told me he or she had never really tried to simply “start over”. And I’m sure those supposed new beginnings usually began on some type of meaningful day – meaningful that is to the one attempting the new realignment of customs, routines, and priorities.
But I’m also confident that before anyone embarked upon any wished for new lifestyle, that one probably felt best prepared after he or she had finally absolved past infringements upon that one’s life as it had been then. And God! There had been so many! So many times as children, teenagers, young adults, and even then into one’s mid-life, one had committed acts looked back upon in wishfulness that they’d not occurred. Yet, they were real; and today if one really wished a new beginning, it couldn’t, or at least shouldn’t be initiated in phoniness, denial, or acceptance of non-truth – or could or should it?
No, it couldn’t or shouldn’t. But should we cut through the protocol of right writing now? I think so. So, here are ten things our new beginning can’t accept: 1. The packing of the U. S. Supreme Court with more new members – all liberals of course, 2. The addition of new liberal areas as U.S. states, to give the Democratic Party a perpetual majority in the Senate, 3. The termination of the electoral college, 4. The banning of conservative speech and writing, 5. The banning of talk radio, 6. The banning of the Republican Party or any other conservative political party, 7. The illegal entry into the U.S. of anyone who wishes to come here – and stay here, 8. The allowance of cheating in any election – local, state or national, 9. The continuance of the policy which blames white males for all current American problems – especially such problems as are dominantly concerned with gender and race, and 10. The establishment of a dictatorship in the U.S., to be administered by the Democratic Party.
No, we won’t accept the above mentioned “things”. But here’s the remainder of our February story. Once upon a time, on the first day of the month which for many years had been Earth’s final yearly division of days, but which now for many years has been its second, a time traveler asked me “Why are they always searching for something they’ll never find?”
And I answered “It may be that the answer is multi-reasoned. Some were probably looking in the wrong place or places. Others were likely afraid of finding that thing because they feared that with its discovery they’d be subjected to emotions, responsibilities, or alterations of lifestyle which they knew they’d not be able to handle. And still others simply never thought about why they were doing what they were doing. Their life searches were real; yet perhaps not actually understood or recognized.”
“But all who were questioned concerning goals said they needed money; and they needed to carry on in such a fashion as they believed to be societally constructive. Still, most said they’d never force others to support them or, in times of real or imagined peril, cross a river and then dump their problems off on to the people living to what had previously been their north.”
And the traveler replied “When it comes to universal credibility, one fact which should always be considered is that the group cannot, and never will surpass the individual for importance in any matter.”
And I answered “I think that’s right. But doesn’t it seem as though most humans only want to follow the crowd? And if they’re not living so-called ‘normal existences’, or advocating for evil and/or violence, then they’re struggling to keep pace with what I guess were God’s best created humans – the Joneses. Yes, we must follow the Joneses.”
And at that point the time traveler said “Farewell my friend. I’m off to follow the Joneses.”
Well, some may question the truth of what’s been written here thus far. And they may not believe in time travel. But had they lived in the city I’ve lived in, they’d know very little is beyond possibility there. And personally, I’ve always tried to use that city’s freedom from what would normally be considered “the constrictions of everyday real life” to my personal advantage – and mental advancement.
Therefore, I’ve come to learn that some dispute whether the passage of time should demand as high a recognition as it does. I even remember someone telling me once that time is like a switch which switches itself on or off. But when it’s off, we as mortals don’t know it’s stopped. Yet, inanimate life continues on then. And thus, when time begins again, all animate life needs then to face the reality of all that may have occurred and/or changed during time’s cessation. Oh, but here’s something even more important! Time controls itself. It’s devoid of human influence, yet under God’s directive sends out light or darkness.
And it may not surprise you that when I submitted this written piece to our city’s mayor George Jennifer, he wasn’t entirely pleased with it. His actual wish had been that I should write an article concerning the recent riot at the American capitol. And after he made me aware of his “moderate” disapproval of this piece I said “Like the Caesars of old, what I’ve written, I’ve written.”
So, sure, I and many others could have said, and could still say a lot more about the recent riot in Washington D.C.. But then we also could have said, and could still say a lot about a lot of other things as well. Still, one thing that perhaps should be remembered about the attack on the capitol, is that while some members of the law enforcement squads involved in quelling the riot received praise for their efforts, some others were criticized. And recently there has even been a request to increase security for members of Congress. To me it seems rather strange that only months ago all we heard were calls for police defunding and police elimination. Yet, suddenly we now apparently need more police protection. It must be that while someone else’s security is at risk, then it’s alright to defund and cut back on police services, but when the well-being of certain people is threatened, then members of law enforcement can’t do enough for them.
Nevertheless, we’ll never refute the truth of the fact that every moment that’s lived is one less that remains to be lived. And that fact alone, no doubt spurns some mortals on to commit acts of anger, hatred, and destruction. And today, on the social landscape, we’re seeing both a lot of new and old would be controllers vying for mankind’s conscience of the moment. And they‘re assigning a great amount of concern to some matters of questionable importance which they say now demand our immediate attention. Still, I believe perceptions perceived by mortals of limited, or no common sense are eventually found out not to have been as significant as non-intellectuals would have had us believe.
And I for one can, and will live on as I please. And I’ll support your right to hold your own beliefs and criticisms. Yet, please don’t hide in your basement, or behind your new hairdo, or within your three letter abbreviation. Be as courageous as one of your colleagues was recently when he acknowledged that America’s former president had been able to incite an erection at the capitol riot.

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