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                                       Written By: Orlon Braem



            If you wish to assume that the beginning of this piece is actually its ending, I won’t be able to stop you from doing so. But you’ll never know that for certain, yet, in what’s most likely a substantially embarrassing admission, neither will I.

            And before certain negativists term others deplorable, maybe they ought to look into a mirror and see what’s looking back at them. It’s not been easy for many to admit they’ve sanctioned the views of the wrong side for many years. And today, in their anger and hatred you can see and hear them protesting in ridiculous marches and rallies, complaining on left-leaning television programs, forcing states to recount their ballots, blaming foreign lands and foreign leaders for their defeats, and trying to convince or force electoral college electors to vote for the wrong candidate.

            But personally, I’m looking forward to the administration change which will soon occur in the U.S., and I think a very troubled nation has found one of the best people it could have found to guide it (and reprioritize it) for the next four to eight years. Yet, of course I’m now supposed to show sympathy to certain loudmouths who are complaining that this is their nation too, and it’s being taken away from them. Well, I wonder if they remember how for eight years now people such as myself have suffered under the repressive tactics of this current regime. And yes, the constant hatred that’s been shown toward people such as myself, simply because our skin color isn’t dark enough, has been devastating. In other words, we didn’t deserve to be blamed for all this nation’s domestic and foreign problems.

            Yet, I wonder if all Americans who live outside the West Coast and certain New England cities really realize what’s at stake for them in the current debate about America’s Electoral College. If Americans who live in parts of this nation other than those mentioned in the last sentence allow the Electoral College to be terminated, and instead sanction the election of a president by popular vote,  they’ll then place themselves at the disposal of the whims, wishes and desires of left wing ideology; and while they’ll continue to struggle with what are often less than ideal weather conditions, they’ll then work to support not only leftist goals, but also the lavish and sometimes decadent lifestyles of many who live in West Coast sunshine. And, if those areas of the nation which could control the others through direct presidential election ever would succeed in accruing massive power on to themselves, rest assured that they’d then begin a policy of harassment and subjugation against the South, the Plains States, the Southwest, those states west of the hardcore liberal East but east of the Midwest, and especially (and have no doubt about it, this area would be especially targeted for domination because of the work ethic of its residents, plus the water in its Great Lakes) the Midwest.  

            And the other day, in a conversation I had with a friend concerning those just mentioned concerns, I was told that actually Putin is to blame for everything that’s wrong in the U.S. today. “He shouldn’t have helped the American people learn that one of our recent candidates for president actually had a long history of sidestepping the rules of conduct for elected or appointed officials,” this person said.

            “Well, I think we’re currently experiencing an effort to downplay two new matters of fact which have recently become known to the American populace,” I replied.

            “What are they?” he asked.

            “First, it’s difficult for all those ‘nose up in the air’ liberals to initially realize, and then admit that they and their beliefs aren’t relevant anymore. Today no one cares anymore about the late night talk show hosts, or the mid-day left wing ‘viewers.’ Also, if ever any one thing was ever truthfully said by any holder of a high political office in America, it was when a reference was made to the great ‘silent majority’ of American voters. Yes, they may usually be silent, but they’re not stupid; and they don’t like to be portrayed as such by arrogant leftists who believe that only they have all the answers to all the problems now facing America and the rest of the world. Oh, and remember this:  Middle class America hates those radical left wingers just as much as they hate it.”

            “But what about Putin?” he asked.

            “He leads a very powerful nation on the continent of Asia,” I replied. “And his nation’s landmass lies far closer to the Middle East and all its problems than does the homeland of America. Thus, can the American people actually blame him or his people for the genuine concern they have about this very simplistic, yet truthful fact? And what about his and their massive neighbor to the south – China? Who really knows what Chinese intentions will be in the future? And if those weren’t concerns enough, what about the situation in North Korea, another nation that’s near to Russia?”

            “But we don’t want the Russians to reassemble the U.S.S.R. do we?” he asked.

            “No, we must strongly discourage that,” I replied. “But if the Russian people value their freedom, they’ll prevent such a reunification themselves. Oh, and remember this, ‘No matter if, or if not any hacking actually occurred in conjunction with the recent American presidential race, at least the American people were able to learn valuable information about one of the candidates. Otherwise they may have elected someone who apparently has little regard for the laws of our land, and who probably would have faced immediate impeachment upon becoming president.”  


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