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Written By: George Jennifer, and Anonymous

Part One

Yes, another “obscurity” has reached my office via what’s come to be termed “snail mail.” And I’ve been instructed to see that it sees the light of day. So, I’ll ask my friends to reproduce it as it was written by someone unknown to me. And as I did with the recent piece concerning April, I’ll again ask my friend Orlon Braem to write his response to it in a second part which I’ll then entitle Butterfly Beautiful Part Two. And I can imagine how happy Orlon will be to write Part Two! And, oh yes, to help confuse you, Butterfly Beautiful Part One has a Part One and a Part Two! And I’ve written Part One of Butterfly Beautiful Part One, but only God and its real author know who’s written Part Two.

Part Two

My beautiful butterfly is my Butterfly Beautiful. And he, she or it is on my mind today, along with all such mind wanderings as he, she or it may engender. And, I’m adjudging that some of the matters I’m pondering now will no longer matter in years to come, but some will, and perhaps dreadfully so. Nonetheless, can one simply start over? Maybe the damage done precludes that. Yet, isn’t it the conclusions drawn, and the assumptions made that constitute the relevance of bygone indiscretions and valor? And, of what personal and/or societal importance are points of view no longer pointed toward?
But if you question what I’ve just asked, be cautious. Don’t allow your searches of memories to alter your personality. And, don’t allow them to leave you rueful. That’s my advice, but now I must document some trivialities, as well as some suppositions supposed to have importance.
I’ve heard there are modifiers of both requited and unrequited love. If so, I’ll respect them with both my good and bad attributes. But remember, I’m an inspector as well as a word user. And I usually inspect only the unusual, and then try to communicate it as if it were possibly usual.
And, may heaven help me, that butterfly’s presence usually leads me off into new investigations, summarizations, and then often determinations. Will you who read this ask the winged one if he, she or it’s a real or fictional monarch? And could you also inquire about his, her or its throne? Is it royal or makeshift?
Butterfly, please calm the concerns I have concerning your windblown flights. Can you transport yourself across our entire known Earth? How have you answered my concerns and questions? Oh, your delicacy is buttered flies!
I hate to say this, but when you’ve flown away, I often function more as a dictator than a problem solver. And then I often fail to properly contend with the matters that may then confront me. But at such times I also often dream about you. And in those dreams I see you sanctioning actions which, in your airborne opinions would most likely resolve certain troublesome situations and scenarios, if indeed those actions would be implemented. Still, likewise at those times, besides dreams of you, I also sometimes experience thoughts about the past. And if my thoughts do stray to bygone days and all that occurred during them, I often mentally initiate investigations into such persons, places and things which were of importance then.
And I’ll always remember that when we first met you were searching for peace, and I was seeking order as well as peace of mind. But now I’ve learned that many mortals have already paid, and will continue to pay a price for disorganization. Yet, it seems that possession of some amount of disarray sometimes grants small amounts of freedom to certain mortals. And personally, I’ve found I need not lay out extensive and/or grandiose plans before I take each step, or write each word.
But oh, I suppose you like to flutter in gentle breezes! And I’d imagine such fluttering about allows you some sense of unhindered decision making and, most likely also helps keep you looking young. And, haven’t many mortals told us that the young look is the “in” look today? But, haven’t we also been informed that any attempt to capture the so-called “young look” is an attempt of vanity, arrogance and snobbishness?
Personally, I’ve believed that if we could keep life young figuratively, we’d then be able to look both forthrightly and reminiscently backward across the years. And I’ve thought if we could look backward using guidelines of youth, we’d then, through judicious assessments of past actions, be able to grant those actions what we’d consider satisfactory resting places in their years gone by. And if those actions can rest in peace there – in the past – then surely we who must always live in the present can live there, in that present, with a conscience far less troubled.
Oh, and now through the window glass I can hear the beautiful butterfly speak! It says: “I’ve learned that belief in one strong eternal light can sustain one! But it must be the light of heaven, illumined by “The Triune Master.”
And, oh God, I believe those words! And I know now that I can capture, hold, and if necessary release what once had been virtually unharnessable power! Thus, tread carefully you who create zones of war, and also you who tell others they live incorrectly, while you yourself are fortunate to get by from day to day, living as you do in a position of high power you’re unfit to hold.
And what do you see from behind your dark glasses when you manage to leave your hiding place? Don’t you care that you’re allowing foreigners to overrun your native land? And don’t you think about the ramifications that all those “new people” will have upon American society in the years to come? Isn’t it possible that in future years a Hispanic majority will “put the screws” so to speak to all who had lived in America for many years – and yes, that includes blacks?
Can’t you see what’s really wrong in America today? Are so-called “maga people” and others who may or may not believe one race to be superior actually the underlying causes of the mess you now preside over? Or does the fault really lie with the notions that everyone should be like everyone else, except of course if they feel they should have been born into the sex opposite of the one they were, or if they think they should have been a certain type of animal? And in your new society should everyone be permitted to imbibe any potentially dangerous substance?
And what about all the gunslingers mass murdering innocent Americans all across your land? Should we show them pity too? Well, above all else, make sure that your supposedly democratic party wins in all upcoming elections. And woe to America if you and your left wing buddies should lose your positions of power.
But today, within a real world outside of political manipulation, I saw a man quietly launch his canoe while the sun was shining, only to have the weather and the river’s flow become violent upon his entrance into that waterway. And yesterday, on the highway, in the continual backward and forward movement of cars passing by me, for a moment I thought I’d finally found why there is such a phenomenon as life upon Planet Earth.
And the answer to that why is because certain Masters watch over the development and developments of mankind. And they, and those who are their subordinates, whether they be angels or past mortals, guard us who live upon the Earth still. Yet, our protectors adhere to the principle of free will. In other words, humans are allowed to make choices. They’re allowed to choose rightly or incorrectly. And one might wonder why an all-powerful deity would allow mortals to err; yet ours is not an option to question the will of God.
And yet, having said what we’ve just said, another probably less thought about concept concerning free will also exists; and it’s that free will is often not used! Behind a façade of God only knows how many situations and realities of fact, the human being may remain forever untested in the controlled marketplace of thought. And he or she may have a job, and he or she may be a fine citizen of all governmental entities in which he or she may live, but yet, he or she may never be known as someone who had significant opinions, or possibly helpful insights into mankind’s struggle to live temporally upon planet Earth as best it can.

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