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                                      Written By: Orlon Braem



            Number One:  After many years during which American presidents subjected the youth of this nation to peril in Southeast Asia and elsewhere, it’s nice to have a commander in chief who today is trying to save Americans from foreign induced tragedies here at home.


            Number Two:  Of all the great problems now facing The United States Of America, most likely immigration, both legal and illegal, is the greatest. After many years of lax (or no) enforcement of immigration laws, the U. S. now finds itself flooded with people who do not belong within its borders. Thus, a comprehensive new policy concerning this subject must be put forth by Congress and the president. And, when writing this policy, it would be well if our elected officials remembered that in reality illegal aliens have no rights in this nation. They broke America’s laws by coming here, and now only compassion can allow them to remain here.


            Number Three:  Of course a wall needs to be built along the southern border of the U. S.


            Number Four:  The term “dreamers” is just a phony title given to a group of non-citizens whose right to remain in the United States is questionable. The only real dreamers in the U.S. today are such people as believe that certain members of the American populace will gladly continue to work and sacrifice so that other members of that populace, as well as people who don’t belong in the United States can continue their illegal, carefree, or work free lifestyles.


            Number Five:  The new immigration policy should be based upon what’s best for America and Americans, rather than upon what seems best for foreigners. And America must stop portraying itself as a panacea where all one’s problems will be solved if one can only get oneself within its borders. Also, America must adopt a policy whereby it encourages foreigners to remain productive residents of their own native lands.


            Number Six:  The American people must have quality health insurance. Yes, Obamacare has failed, but as with the current situation concerning immigration, it serves little purpose now for elected officials to blame certain people and circumstances for its failure. What’s needed now is a new workable plan which may or may not incorporate certain parts of the previous failed plan. And neither political party should try to “score political points” with this new plan. Simply, those parties should and must work together to produce it. And this new plan must be well thought out before it’s implemented. It does no good to simply rewrite Obamacare. The American people deserve no less. 


            Number Seven:  America’s domestic policies must be mainly concerned with job creation. All Americans who wish and/or need to support themselves and their families via paychecks should, regardless of race, gender, political and religious affiliation or non-affiliation, sexual orientation, and/or all other identifiable characteristics, be allowed to freely, and without harassment, pursue such labors as will garner those paychecks. And, as a second crucial domestic goal, of course all those guarantees which, in the last sentence were assumed to be essential in the workplace, should apply to all Americans in their private lives as well.


            Number Eight:  It won’t be easy to strike a balance between environmental concerns and workplace productivity. Liberals and conservatives will need to work together here.


            Number Nine:  The U.S. must accept the fact that certain citizens of certain nations have been misrepresenting the tenets of the religion which the majority (or all) of the citizens of those nations practice. And it must also be accepted that this misrepresentation has led to the development of terrorist groups such as ISIS and others which cannot be allowed to succeed in their pursuits of subjugation and murder.


            Number Ten:  The recent charges of illegal wiretapping must be fully probed. It’s possible that “hold-over” appointees from the previous administration may have committed illegalities in this regard. And since there seems to be a fascination with Russia and other foreign nations lately, it might be useful to discuss some matters of fact which Americans should keep in mind as time passes. Down the road The U.S. will need to focus more and more of its attention to the populations of all those nations south of it – all the way from Mexico to Cape Horn. And this increased commitment will then necessitate that some other nations take the lead in monitoring the troubled affairs of the Middle East. Certainly the U.S. will remain a close ally of Israel and certain Arab nations, but after all, the U.S. is not the actual neighbor of those nations. And, in this scenario one can easily picture Russia, Japan, China, and India becoming more influential in this area of the world. But the nations of Europe will increasingly need to guard themselves from illegal immigration emigrating northward toward them from Africa. And before we leave this topic, did anyone ever believe that “human rights” or any such other social issue really caused the dissolution of the U.S.S.R.? Wasn’t it really caused because a point was reached at which it was no longer economically feasible for those “republics” (now separate nations) to continue to exist as one entity?


            Number Eleven:  To put it bluntly, from now on both major political parties of the U. S. had better “get along” with one another better. Yes, such a wish as that may seem far-fetched, yet who can deny that the outright animosity that’s been demonstrated by these parties recently has now reached such a point as to be a treat to the American People?


            Number Twelve:  Those who are participating in all the recent protests and marches certainly have a right to do so. Yet, in times of societal division such as those which America is experiencing today, continually pitting one group of Americans against another may lead to unfortunate results eventually; and, in fact it has just been stated that such an outcome may have already been achieved, i.e. apparently common everyday Americans are now being watched by government agencies, or was the news bit that stated that just another example of another phenomenon currently plaguing America – fake news?


            Number Thirteen:  Fake news seems to be the latest gimmick that America’s news media services have unleashed on the American people. Long known to be liberally biased, national news reporters and news gathering services seem to believe it’s necessary for them to impart a “liberal spin” to every story they report. But doesn’t so-called conservative talk radio offset this? Not really, because talk radio is meant to be opinionated, and the left could use it as a mouthpiece as well as the right. The problem here apparently is that left-leaning radio broadcasts simply can’t garner the audiences necessary for them to compete on the national airwaves. So, to the national news reporting services we say:  “Just report the facts of the occurrences which constitute the daily news. Keep your opinions and ‘spin’ to yourselves.”


            Number Fourteen:  While it’s true that America’s two major political parties have been extremely antagonistic lately, the fact that some members of both of them, along with a number of other Washington D.C. based bureaucrats and government officials have forged a sort of taxpayer funded clique or cabal cannot be denied. And these people conduct their activities, whether actually necessary or not, in such fashions as to assure that their high paying jobs can continue to be subsidized now, and then someday passed along to their privately schooled offspring.


            Number Fifteen:  Because of all the problems related in the prior fourteen installments of this written piece, it should be easy to see that today America is at risk for attack not only by Islamic terrorists, but also by its own citizens such as it was in the 1990’s when events such as Ruby Ridge, the Waco siege, and the Oklahoma City bombing occurred.


            Number Sixteen:  The U. S. must plan for what its future population will be, and also for what the needs of that diverse group of mortals will be. And yes, although as free citizens we don’t need to express our personal opinions concerning these subjects, we know that they could immensely impact the Americans of tomorrow:  In regard to possible population growth, what is a feasible immigration policy for America’s future?; and, what effects on population growth would possible changes to, or an outright overthrow of Roe vs. Wade have upon America?  

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