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Written By: Ralph Hawk

Today, in the real world of work and earned livings, Americans still possess a meager bit of the individuality which, along with certain basic freedoms, was once promised them by their founding fathers in the American constitution. But that fact doesn’t “sit well” with all such groups and political activists who believe that only governments can best determine the ways people should live.
And also today unfortunate political biases hamper all Americans as they try to support themselves and live at least somewhat respectfully. But of course the real danger presented by these biases surfaces when scenarios such as the following occur: America’s top investigative bureau apparently attempts to stop a candidate from becoming president, the nation’s top taxation bureau is apparently used to harass certain Americans because of their political beliefs, and those who would restrict the freedoms of others, try to exempt themselves from such restriction.
And it seems as if today, all across the great American republic, all news and many entertainment broadcasts are tainted by either liberal or far right or far left wing political viewpoints. And why is that last sentence true? It must be because of various fears and hatreds, as well as all manner of crimes, and also blatant disrespect for working class Americans, and a large number of foreigners now living illegally within the borders of the republic.
But now let’s visualize the plight of middle class America. Its members get up on weekday mornings. They go to work or school. And they try to do what’s right! And they attempt to support themselves so that society as a whole won’t have to undertake that task. And they’re brave! And should darker days ever befall them, they won’t throw up their hands and say “We can’t continue on here. We’ll have to sneak across the border and live off the labors of those who live in a land of milk and honey.”
But, of course very few non-Americans know the real truth about life in The United States Of America. They don’t know about an America middle class which supports itself and makes the sacrifices necessary to keep a republic basically free; all the while being lambasted by a leftist media which blames that class for every worldly problem, foreign or domestic to the U.S.A.
But, nonetheless, while the freedom to say it still exists, let’s proclaim it: The manner in which America’s liberal political party and other leftists who aren’t part of it demean America’s middle class by blaming it for all the plights (real or imagined) of all the people who live south of America’s border, is nothing more than a (expletive deleted) dirty shame. And yet, in the realm of relevant decisions and lifestyles, a red tide swallows up a blue one – always.
And that enormous segment of American society, once termed a silent majority, ultimately won’t surrender its rights and freedoms to blamers and bureaucrats who want to stifle and stymie it through increased taxation and illegal immigration. And don’t be mistaken, America doesn’t belong to those who commit lesser or greater crimes inside or outside its borders, nor does it belong to those who live inside it illegally, nor to those who, despite making millions of dollars yearly, disrespect its flag, and by doing so denigrate the efforts of America’s military personnel, veterans, and police officers, to say nothing of that working American middle class alluded to earlier.
But, there’s another phenomenon probably not known of by foreigners, and most likely not understood scholarly by many Americans. And it is that while a great leftist coalition of troublemakers fuel discontent and hatred across the U. S. daily, that very action then helps strengthen another blight upon American society; that being the ultra right wing of the political spectrum, and those individuals who are usually associated with various fascist or Nazi political affiliations.
And, thus, in the midst of all those demeaning and dangerous beliefs and activities, if the American middle class wishes to “keep up” with worldly events, it will have to attempt to decipher the real truth about them out of all the fake news stories, outright lies, and hate-filled biases which are reported along with them by all forms of American media. And yet, even a blue wave can’t change the fact that if any American has lived righteously, and according to necessary restraints and manmade as well as Godly laws, then that American has found the comfort of divine grace and peace, and the ability to defeat those who tell he or she that he or she is to be blamed for all worldly problems – here at home, and abroad.

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I'm not understanding - what is this truth that no one knows about American working class?

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