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Written By: Orlon Braem

I’m hoping that anyone who, prior to the recent disasters in Afghanistan, felt that the Biden presidency was anything but a tragic failure, and a threat to freedom worldwide, has now changed his or her mind concerning that topic. While the current American president continues to embarrass himself and his nation, his ineptitude to function properly as one of the world’s most important leaders is now spreading fear and peril domestically and internationally.
But many people had warned American voters of what lay ahead should he be elected. Nonetheless, he assumed office, and since then a continuous wave of problems and tragedies have swept across America. And while the current situation in Afghanistan is the greatest illustration of his incompetency as a commander in chief, the crisis at America’s southern border still remains (in my opinion) his greatest failure.
Yet, I must admit that for some the influx of massive amounts of undocumented foreigners into the U.S. is not a failure. Apparently today a number of people, mostly liberals, believe that flooding America with illegal aliens is a great way to undermine either one or all of the following: The ability of Americans to hold or express conservative viewpoints, the Republican Party, and the very American way of life itself, as it’s manifested in a belief in spoken and written free speech, and a capitalist economic system which really, if allowed to operate properly, is the economic system which best affords people a chance to succeed at worthy goals, and which best wards off the possible fall of a society into dictatorship.
But apparently the thirst for power is so great amongst many liberals, that they’ll place not only their own nation’s welfare, but also that of all others at risk to quench it. And meanwhile the coronavirus continues to ravish on. And while America’s current left-wing leaders either rightly or wrongly (depending upon your viewpoint) tell its citizens to get vaccinated and wear masks, they simultaneously allow unknown amounts of people with either Covid or other serious diseases to illegally enter the nation and infect people who actually are American citizens. And one can only wonder how long this insanity will be allowed to continue. How many more people who arrive here illegally from its south, will The United States of America be forced to pander to?
And, while the question posed at the end of the last paragraph speaks to America’s greatest domestic challenge, the following are serious questions concerning other disastrous current trends in the U.S.: Why, since a new administration has taken control of America, has “Cancel Culture” become such a goal? Why does the American left feel that anything that disagrees with their hurtful tenets needs to be attacked? Why do the names of various products and sports teams need to be changed? Why are some people trying to rewrite children’s text books so that those books will then present a “liberal spin” to the subjects they address? Why would the strongest nation on Planet Earth elect as its leaders people who apparently are fortunate to know the day of the week? Why are successful people demeaned in America? Why is it that instead of honoring the accomplishments of successful Americans, all the American media and left-wing politicians do is complain that those who’ve known success in America don’t pay enough taxes? What effect will the demeaning of successful Americans have in the future? Will America’s youth come to believe that success is no longer a worthwhile goal, since all it accrues for one, should one achieve it, is left-wing disdain, and the theory that the successful are actually hurting America because they don’t pay enough taxes? And why are many law abiding citizens, and the police who protect them called pigs and fascists? Why are some people convinced that police salaries should be lowered or completely defunded? And why do America’s media and late night talk show hosts remain strangely silent concerning the problems of the current U.S. president, while they seemingly went out of their way to criticize anything involving his predecessor?
But here are some noteworthy condemnations involving the U.S. withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan. Why, when many Americans say they fear fascism, would they allow a strategic Asian nation to fall prey to what appears to be an example of that ism? Are some radical leftists in America confusing conservatism with fascism? And if so, will those people now see and learn what real fascism can do if it becomes a nation’s economic and social ism?
And while those who say that after twenty years of American intervention, the Afghan people should by now be able to fend for themselves may be correct in that assumption, why aren’t the Afghans still prepared to defend themselves? Did they just become complacent, and expect the U.S. to take care of their security unendingly? Was that what happened in South Vietnam as well? And what about the nations to America’s south? Why can’t they learn to take care of themselves and their populations?
If indeed there was any justification for America’s withdrawal of forces from Afghanistan at this time, surely the process followed during that withdrawal was seriously flawed. And that process has already at this time cost several lives, some of which were American. Don’t our leaders know that when an intervening nation pulls its military personnel out of what apparently is a nation in jeopardy of losing its basic freedoms, civilian citizens of the intervening nation who are left behind will be in peril?
And now when Americans see what will most likely continue to happen in Afghanistan, they’ll see what fascism really is, And that Asian nation may now be used as a terrorist training ground by America’s enemies. A large amount of American military hardware has apparently been left behind in Afghanistan. And there’s little doubt but that that equipment will now be used by either the Taliban or other terrorist groups.
But America’s prestige has been damaged greatly by its abandonment of Afghanistan. And surely other areas of the world which live under a constant threat of either fascist or communist takeover must now be alarmed.
And if from time to time America sees the need to intervene in the affairs of other nations, why can’t it convince the citizenries of those nations that eventually they’ll need to fend for themselves? And as one last hurtful and brutal condemnation of the Afghan situation, maybe those who say they’re especially concerned about the rights of women should watch what will become of Afghanistan’s female population now.
Oh, and when we need to check our watch at a ceremony honoring fallen soldiers, that says who we really are. We’re someone who cares about our self and no one else. And although our media friends may eventually try to spin the Afghanistan withdrawal as not having been as bad as it initially seemed, hopefully Americans will remember, and know better.

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