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 Written By:  Rashon Leyf



As was the case with a few of the recent submissions to this forum, this written piece also concerns personal preferences and dislikes. And, similarly, it also recognizes that certain thoughts and reactions can be generated by any human’s exposure to certain verifiable occurrences or assumed presumptions. But, in this case, I hope the writer’s skin color won’t affect the overall perceived worthiness of stated beliefs.     

We know that we can journey to Whitehall. But were we to go there, would the racial and name changing purists then mandate that we visit Blackhall as well? Research tells that at least one Blackhall most likely exists somewhere on Planet Earth. But in my mind, I’ll say it’s a perception. I’ll say it’s a state of mind and, I’ll state that again later.

Too bad that so many outside my city apparently live in violence. And really bad when the perpetrators of crimes go unpunished. And extra bad when crowds cheer either criminals left unpunished, or innocents falsely convicted.

But my focus today looks ever inward (I think). And it asks this basic question:  How can one differentiate justifiable beginnings from false starts? It’s my opinion that only one of those can satisfactorily set a stage upon which what should be told, can be told, although of course it may not always be. And only one can defend itself and any mortal who may utilize it from liars, blamers, manipulators, rumor spreaders, and bearers of half-truths.

And left wing man of many years, go back to your house of whiteness. Look in a mirror there, and then let your mind wander backward – back to all the years you spent playing political games. And then come out of your white house and tell America who really is to blame for prices becoming more inflationary. And tell who lies about issues domestic and foreign. And admit under whose guidance does there seem to be a worker shortage across the land, although that land has granted entrance into it to countless numbers of foreign nationals. And then speak to what’s happening in America’s schools nowadays. There seem to be two great goals there:  free meals and liberal indoctrination.

And if Blackhall is but a perception, will you visit it mentally today? And today will you be able to set aside all the confusion that surrounds you as you enter the corridor of sameness through which all mortals, regardless of color, pass daily as they live the days of their existences in the rooms of their lives?

And what words of advice do you have for those who say they’re living where the walls of a previously completely white hall are now darkening? And what can you say to those who wonder why murders of black people, committed by whites are the subjects of massive media coverage and large societal protests, while murders of whites by blacks receive hardly any media attention, and are seldom if ever protested? 

And America, I’m sure I need not tell you that social matters are but one set of problems now facing you. Certainly many other issues of massive importance trouble you as well. And your individual citizens must contend with many personal and commonplace dilemmas. And now, for the remainder of this piece, I’ll “touch” upon some of those.

Oh, I sense I’m within an illumination that’s fading! Oh, I wonder why every time we have something white, we need to have a corresponding example in black! Oh, and why are so many sports teams being forced to change their names? Someday perhaps the name changers will pick on the wrong franchise.

But due to its importance, please allow me to say it once more:  I sense I’m living within a fading light. And I sense I’m living an existence robotic. One might say I’m living in “heavy metal”. Still, those metallic days have nothing to do with rock music’s loudest genre. Rather, they concern my thoughts of myself in function for others only – devoid of non-group traits. And I fear I’ve become a living flesh and blood robot who serves no other purpose but to seek out order, cleanliness, acceptance of the past as it truthfully occurred, and a future in which the United States of America will actually be successful in its attempt to “meld” a new (but hopefully not left-wing) society.

And rest assured, I’m struggling here! Mine are all the common personal and societal biases that are either to a lesser or larger degree assumed about, and by people such as myself. Have I done all I should have? Am I now doing what I should? And will I someday do what the universe’s Master requires of me?

One day a commoner was forced to choose a new “highway of life”. And he needed to tread upon it then, in the present. There would be no escaping to either the past or future. So, for him our prayer was that he’d continue to commit right rather than wrong actions, and that he’d learn that if many lesser living creatures exist in differing colors, why then shouldn’t the one that’s superior to all the others appear in that fashion also.

But does the fact that humans exist in varying colors present unavoidable dilemmas? If so, are those dilemmas the products of misunderstandings and racism? And what about all the other inevitable non-race related challenges which will surely surface in a world in which almost everything seems to be constantly changing due to influences supplied by either animate or inanimate sources?

Maybe this is a time to look for inspiration and guidance from those whom history tells us (if we’re looking at history as it really happened that is) actually tried to make mankind’s existence better upon Planet Earth. No, they weren’t the manipulative politicians who tried to get as many illegal immigrants into their nation as possible. And yes, the liberal party did that so that those foreigners would then vote for its candidates in upcoming elections. And many of those leaders, today befuddled in their mental capacities, now blame society’s inflationary tendencies on everything and everyone except what and who the real culprits are. What does it tell us when today, despite a massive influx of foreigners into this nation, there seems to be a labor shortage? Many jobs are going unfilled. Many goods and services can’t be delivered or performed. The cost of food and energy is becoming unmanageable. But yet a shallow man from Washington D.C. won’t tell the American people that when one cut’s one’s nation’s energy production, and invites into one’s nation large numbers of people whose goal it is to live off the labors of others, one will reap inflation, job loss, non-fulfillment of current and future jobs, crime, disease, prostitution, and human trafficking.

Nonetheless, some would have us believe that certain politicians who caused, and today refuse to fix current national and international problems are now worthy of sainthood! I thought saints were people who helped mankind! Or are they instead actually non-intellectuals who pass themselves off as national leaders striving to either claim or reclaim “times” of supposed fairness and goodness? Supply your own answer to that question, but I’ll tell you mine. To me they’re only empty, plastic figureheads, as significant to time’s passage as are the meaningless cars which today I can see passing by on the street outside my window. And sure, I know it’s difficult to realize that the years one has been granted are running their course. They’re slipping away! But were they used to their best effect? Oh, and those cars are operating today at almost twice the gasoline price which was required to operate them before this current American presidential administration took office.

And today, regardless of the skin color which, through the vehicle of fate an Eternal Master may have granted them, Americans fight a dire war against two modes of lifestyle. And though the two of those may seem to often be at odds with one another, they both ultimately seek the appeasement of the so-called “common man”. And the first of these is the “status-quo” way of life which features a downplaying of personal goals and possible achievements, and a furthering of the “situations of life” which had been known by one’s closest relatives in years past. Obviously this seems to be not only a resistance to most types of change, but also a denunciation of all matters creative; and a repudiation of whatever may lead to a breakdown of the perceived “peasant versus aristocracy” mindset. And the second destructive mode of lifestyle is “unwarranted liberalism”. And from that title one might surmise that a liberal viewpoint is not always automatically wrong; unbridled conservatism might not serve mankind well either. Yet, it’s become more than obvious that today the “left” way of viewing life has become radical. Many times it embraces socialism, and sometimes communism. It’s no longer a political way of life rooted and grounded in common sense and common good. 

And, because the truth contained in the previous paragraph has become so much more apparent to me in recent years, at this stage of my life I find myself increasingly non-tolerant of those who intentionally break society’s laws and codes of conduct in the belief that such action will thereby help certain mortals with their search for all things worthwhile; but especially adequate funds to live well from day to day (which many don’t know the amount of), respect, and peace of mind. And how often my thoughts stray to such matters! And yes, as I said in this piece earlier, I do sometimes envision myself machine–like, performing roles others prescribe for me. Yet, fortunately such thoughts are always temporary.

But don’t expect me to say it’s alright for people to steal from stores as long as the items they take don’t exceed a certain dollar amount. And don’t expect me to pity those who kill others – and especially when they do so for no (or at least no good ) reason. And I’ll never sanction history re-interpretation. I’d like to think I’m man enough to acknowledge what really happened. And I know I’m but a part of time passing by, And actually, to me quiet days are of the most importance. And I know how fortunate I am. I’ve been granted asylum within “the city”.

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