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Written By: Orlon Braem

Last Tuesday evening our city’s leader Ralph Hawk called those of us he considers to be his closest friends and allies. He told us that as of 8/31/19 he will be resigning as mayor of our city, and will be returning to Parallel Reflections, the earthly reality of his birth. This of course will be a major loss for our city. But Ralph already knows who his replacement will be; and I’m sure he’ll speak about that person, as well as numerous other matters next month when he submits what he says will be his last written piece to this forum.
Thus, at this time, Ralph has asked me to simply announce his impending departure. “But you must have something more for me to expound upon than only that?” I asked.
“Yes” he answered. “I’d like you to address the necessity (in my opinion) that writers, in addition to using good prose, also function to some degree as private investigators. Now what I mean by that, is that I believe they must ‘look into’ all matters concerning themselves which any other mortals may have said, done, or even thought about them.”
“Isn’t that rather paranoidal?” I asked.
“In this day of extreme journalistic left wing biases, the answer to that question is ‘No’” he said.
But now I’d like to interrupt my conversation with Ralph to interject some of my own personal observations, discovered through my own personal investigations. And I’ll begin by stating that after Ralph leaves, I believe most of us in this city will try to continue on as if he were still here. And although all of us in this city sometimes fail at the task of rightful current living, most of us here do take responsibility for what we’ve done and not done.
Yet, we also know that at this current time an entire cadre of leftists are campaigning throughout our land. Some of them are promising to sort out truth from facts, some are learning the real decade in which two tragic assassinations occurred, some are coming to grips with their real ethnic backgrounds, but all of them have one thing in common, i.e. they despise The United States of America as it’s constituted today. And, rather than first acknowledge, and then work to solve the real problems of America, they instead blame “white America” for all that’s wrong. And white America of course does have its share of the blame, but so do all the other races and ethnicities found in this nation. And when one group is singled out as the sole problem behind a nation’s woes, surely the common citizens of that nation can see that such an accusation is false. And those common citizens can also recognize the hatred of them that’s being spewed by leftist politicians. And yes, these are the same legislators who tell America that when all is not well, the blame lies not with those who break society’s laws, or with those who are just lazy and/or addicted to substances, but rather with the innocent who really tried to live successfully and lawfully from day to day.
And it shouldn’t be surprising that the “guard dogs” of lawbreakers reside almost exclusively left of center politically. And there are some members of Congress who apparently only care about their own ethnic groups rather than the American populace as a whole. These are the people who make no effort to disguise their anti-semitism, and who have friends who compare Nazi concentration camps to the places where people who should have stayed in their native lands have come to.
And yet, with all that said, this writing was supposed to have disclosed the fact that writers today often need to be (at least to some degree) private investigators also. And here are two premises to bolster that claim: Premise One: If things don’t end, or turn out as you wished, according to the liberal/leftist mindset, you have no one to blame but those who’ve suppressed you; and, Premise Two: Private investigation is a necessary tool employed by all creative writers – at least by the good ones. But such investigation is done only by the writers themselves; that is, they neither compensate nor trust anyone else to do it for them.
And may readers of this piece believe me when I say that in my own life I’ve found the first of those premises to be false, while the second is truthful. But then again, those findings are probably understandable when one remembers how the newscasts and journalistic reportages of this current time are often riddled by half truths and outright lies.
And now I’d like to continue this piece with more of the recent conversation I had with Ralph Hawk. “Many say they read simply for pleasure” I said.
“Yeah, I know” responded Ralph. “And amongst their ranks let’s exclude the readers of manuals and technical papers – written perhaps to help such people learn about what most likely are ‘their tools of the trade.’”
“Yet, aren’t all readers, no matter if they read anything from trash novels to the great master pieces of literature really, and perhaps secretly searching for better pathways to journey upon in their everyday walks of life?” I asked.
“In my opinion, yes” said Ralph. “But remember, only individuality trumps in the end. All else, being centered in collective pursuit, falls by the wayside, though it may have provided some pleasure, and though it may have aided certain mortals who found themselves in need of the type of aid it was capable of affording.”
“But what then is the answer to the enigma of group versus self?” I asked
“The group and the self aren’t in continual battle for the actualities of human life” answered Ralph. “Yet, ultimately, in what we know is an existential world, all that exists, exists simply to expedite the smooth transference of temporal time. In fact, one might postulate that the group approach to life perhaps better addresses all aspects temporal, while the individual more keenly recognizes that all of human life is eternal; that is, ultimately, after several years of ‘rendering on to Caesar those things which are Caesar’s,’ all humans will spend a mortally incomprehensible reality of eternity with either the Rightful Master of the Universe or Lucifer and his sympathizers.”
“Oh, I don’t doubt the realness of eternity” I said. “Still, while we’re alive yet upon the Earth, it’s difficult to look the other way when the subordinate leaders of a nation do all they can to demolish that nation and its way of life. And I wonder how many Americans have tricked themselves into believing that they’ll someday successfully meld their fates together with people who demand that Spanish become the language of their land, or who expect others to work to support them while they make a mockery of the environmentalism and controlled population growth which seem to be of some importance to what are today’s ‘native Americans.’ And yes, I’ll say it: I can’t help but think that the whole issue of Hispanic immigration into the United States of America will end in no other fashion than the outbreak of America’s second Civil War.
But I suppose most or all of us won’t be among the living if and when that war is fought. So, while we are still alive, we can try to stymie such a disaster. Yet, often our thoughts stray to days gone by; and that’s where mine will be for a long time now I fear. I’ll miss Ralph and all he did for me and my city. But I’ll pray that the Eternal Master will reward us with another leader who’ll also guide as well as Ralph did.

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