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Written By:  F. John Surells  




The main thing I don’t like about those so-called existentialists, is that they’re seemingly trying to confuse people. They right (God I hate to use that word!) and write whatever they wish, and it’s always centered in vagueness, and, then my socialist, far left wing radical friends and presidential triers can’t figure it out. Of course many of them are lucky if they know what day of the week it is.

But sometimes, you know, one needs a hair fix. And, if the salons aren’t open, what then?

Well, you know again, some of us who enact laws needn’t follow them ourselves because we’re better than those lessers (or losers). But I suppose sometimes they need a fix too. Yet, of course should anything (and I mean anything!) ever go amiss here or abroad, we know it was the fault of the man named for the more powerful cards in the card deck. Well, at least he has a full deck.

But the main thing I don’t like about those surrealists is that they’re always trying to see more in a picture than it really contains. Still, they say many of them are liberals like me. Some however, I’ve heard, are trying to conserve freedom’s great legacy. They say they’re walking where the road is straight and narrow. Oh, but we have too many fires out here.     

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