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A while ago I began to post a series of internet pieces which I hoped would introduce those who read them to various characters who inhabit what’s known as “the city.” And in that city, as is the case, I’d imagine, in all of life, exists a very thin line between what’s real and what’s supposed not to be. Yet, is anything ever imagined really unreal? In one’s mind wasn’t it at least real for the amount of time taken to perceive it; and this no matter if it (and “it” in this case refers to all peoples, places, and things) can be physically touched, as in the case of objects, or pondered and acknowledged as in the case of all mental concepts?

But this shall be the last (prose) post in this series. In about another two weeks I shall share the poem “Midwestern” here. And after that, in yet another two weeks, I shall post the poem “In The Middle Of The Day.” And both of those will hopefully someday appear in a book entitled “The Students Of The Highway.” And that book, along with its predecessor “The Same Tapes,” both remain unavailable to consumers at this time. And if and when either or both of them do become available through any sort of publication method, I shall inform you of that fact here. But after the posting of those two poems, I shall appear here only randomly, from time to time, as a poet; except in such cases as I may decide it necessary for me to divulge basic information concerning any topic. And if I reach a decision to post any such information, it would then of course be related via a prose format, whether or not said information concerned literary composition or not.

But I want to thank those who’ve read my words here over the course of the last year or so. However, due to unfortunate confusion and a lack of literary experience on my part, not all the posts have appeared on all the sites. I believe eighteen individual “pieces” have been “shared” up until this time. Thus, this current post, and the posting of “Midwestern” and “In The Middle Of The Day” will bring that total to twenty-one. And all of those will be available at if indeed there are any of you who may not have read all of them, but would like to.

So, until such time as “The Same Tapes” becomes a reality in print, I’ll say “Goodbye” now, and repeat once more what I believe to be a fact. I don’t know that any readership of any sort will be prepared for what it will encounter when it finally lays eyes upon “The Same Tapes.” It’s a massive work (over 700 typed unpublished pages). And it’s a controversial book which leaves “no stone unturned” so to speak, as it blends all that’s real with all that might be real in an effort to convince mankind of the seriousness of its eternal life to come.

And, before I close here, I should probably also state that the two other books which were mentioned in the various posts will hopefully appear in print someday as well. Those are “Canoeing” (Corzer and Valerie’s story), and “Broken Suns” (Lauren’s story). However, my guess is that neither of them will appear until nearly 2014. They are both barely begun at this time. Thank you, and, God bless you.

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