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                                       Written By: Orlon Braem



            During periods of liberation from perceived politically correct restrictions and mandated governmental obligations is when the individual is truly free to live freely. And then that individual can look out upon a world now imagined as peaceful (at least it should be peaceful in his or her mind) and say, “It looks now as if all things and all people are where they should be; that is, we have only what we need here, and it’s where it needs to be, and some people who shouldn’t have been here will now hopefully soon return from whence they invaded our personal fiefdoms, no matter whether such tracts exist on the physical Earth, in the sun, or in our minds only. And then, after such an outward look, if one knows history well enough, or learned of that decade from generations who lived through it, or both, one might search inwardly and say, “Maybe now the twenties will roar once more, just as they did a century ago.” Also, you may say this belief is politically incorrect at the least, or even racist at the worst, but yet, how can one deny the writing that’s everywhere on the walls around us – someday, if those groups which are minorities today become majorities they’ll not show the same concern for so-called “white America” as that color of America now shows toward them; and, there’s a good chance they’ll become embroiled in “race struggles” between themselves.    

In my opinion the American people chose the wrong candidate for president in 2008 and 2012. Nonetheless, when the Electoral College votes were tallied in those elections, and it became clear who the people’s choice was, Americans (sometimes reluctantly) accepted him as the rightful winner. This year however, just because their favored candidate lost (a candidate who probably would have faced impeachment proceedings upon her ascendency to the presidency), a number of crybabies have decided to protest the election results by making fools of themselves on city streets and elsewhere. Also, their ridiculous conduct has been over-reported by a biased media which for many years now has slanted everything it’s covered drastically toward the left wing of the political spectrum. But that bias may not even be the media’s worst transgression. Its worst sin may lie in the derogatory and condescending attitude it portrays toward America’s middle classes. Indeed, today it must be admitted that America’s national news reporting services are nothing more than one more part of a large stifling bureaucracy and/or aristocracy which is currently subjugating America’s working people. And it’s saddening and aggravating for America’s factory workers, farmers, small business people, and all others who, at modest rates of compensation, do the necessary tasks which keep a free society functioning freely, albeit nowadays with ever more constraints placed upon it.

And in their arrogance and disdain for those they consider below themselves culturally and mentally, today we see those sometimes elected, and other times appointed bureaucratic and aristocratic cliques ridiculing what they consider to be lesser and lower class Americans on various television shows as well as in random performance art formats. And now they’re supposedly so afraid of the new president elect! But here are two simple responses; one to the protesters, and the other to the media/bureaucracy/aristocracy cabal. And, here’s also a stern warning to such people as may fall prey to a recent call for an end to America’s Electoral College method of selecting its president.

            First, to the protestors:  “Go home! Your side can’t win every election! You’ve won the last two, now it’s time for the other side to be victorious. Remember, if America reaches such a point at which one party continually wins the highest office in the land, then America will not be a democracy anymore, it will have slipped into dictatorship.”

            Second, to America’s left wing media and entrenched aristocrats and bureaucrats:  “Shut up about how bad the next few years will be. It’s time for America to ‘readjust’ itself. Eight years of basically unfiltered liberalism have threatened the freedoms of all Americans. Thus, it’s time now that America’s best interests be put first in all matters domestic and foreign. And America must also rid itself of such people as are currently living illegally within it. The United States is a sovereign nation. It’s not a ‘dropping off zone’ for refugees who really, if the proper procedures are followed, could safely remain within their nations of birth until such a time is reached when whatever difficulties or wars which may be threatening the well-being of those people are resolved or ended domestically. And the U.S. is also not a nation for people to sneak into so that they can live a supposedly better life here at the expense of those who truly work and belong here.

            And here’s a truthful warning about the Electoral College. If you live anywhere in the U.S. except California or New York, you should vigorously oppose choosing a president by popular vote. Why? Simply because a popular vote election of the president will gradually, over the years strip away whatever regional freedoms you may have had. California and New York with their huge populations will continually elect the U.S. president under a popular vote system, and it’s almost a certainty that they’ll then use their political clout to “stick it to” middle, south, southwestern, and plains states America; after all, in the opinion of California and New York middle America is  nothing more than “fly over country” anyway. And, most likely down the road a point will be reached at which various parts of the U.S. will be at odds with other parts – a scenario similar to the one that existed in this land in the years immediately preceding the Civil War. And there is speculation that because of a growing desire to tap into and transport away water contained within the Great Lakes, the Midwest will be especially targeted for domination by the West Coast.

            Thus, let’s make 2016 a year of new beginnings and say these things once more:  It’s time to stop the protests and accept the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. It’s time to get and keep illegal aliens out of the U.S. And it’s time to stop those who call for an end to America’s Electoral College.              

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