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For twenty years, Shane has worked in retail management, not happy with the long hours and lack of compensation he deserves, blaming his job for his not having a boyfriend, which he desires more than anything. Fed up with his life, he vows to make two major changes. First: find a new career. One that will afford him the luxuries he deserves. Second: get a boyfriend. Disheartened with one night stands, he desires a lover. With two lofty goals in mind, he sets into motion a life altering chain of events.

Living a mediocre life, Michael has his books, old movies and 80's music, but there is a void in his life, a man. He hasn't been so very lucky in love. At this point in his life, he's willing to settle for an ordinary schmoe like himself, to hold at night, a companion who might want the same, and won't hold his German heritage against him.

Can two men, with different perspectives on life, nurture a romantic relationship? Can they overcome their differences and their own personal demons? Or does Fate have other plans, using the star-crossed lovers merely as pawns in a game where dreams and hearts could be shattered?

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