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Comment by Kay Elizabeth on December 12, 2009 at 5:00am
David, I have an old printer. I have to feed mine the paper by hand one sheet at a time to stop it jamming. I keep waiting and hoping it will die but I use it so little I can't justify buying a new one while it's working. A printed version would be a fantastic idea for people like me.

I already receive David's writing tips by email and he has a talent for making the complex sound easy. I only wish my brain could retain it all! My grown son practically shoves me off my desk to read them when they come in. He loves to write too and has reminded me of what you've said in them more than once. That part where he tells me off I'm not so keen on! ;)

Seriously, I have learned an immense amount and I normally tire of daily emails fast. Not this one! It's held my interest for 291 days to date and is always an enjoyable read. :)
Comment by David Bowman on December 12, 2009 at 8:52am
We're working out arrangements with a publisher now (Cereb press), but we'll probably come out with a Kindle version in the next few weeks. The printed version is nearly 200 pages, and I suspect that many people will hesitate to buy it and print. Once the Kindle version is available, we'll post the link on

I'm very pleased to hear that you have found the Writing Tips for a Year so useful and enjoyable. Tell your son to be nicer to mom and wait his turn! I had a good time writing them, and I believe each one is unique, practical, and applicable. Seriously, though, I appreciate the feedback. I hope that you enjoy the last 75 tips as much as the first 291!

(For those that wonder why we're chatting about Writing Tips for a Year: The 300 tips and strategies in 100 Days to Better Writing, vols. 103 were taken from the content of the Writing Tips for a Year e-mail instruction series.)


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