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This piece is a working process, but I wanted to share. Tell me what you think...


Tak'in from the prompt:

Oh my God! The zombies are right outside the door.

Gathered together, scared for sure and then he went to open the door and peeking out and then slamming the door and shouting as he locked the door. Oh my God! The zombies are right out side the door! And then we did the only thing we could think of, we hid, and hoping we would not be found.

As if a locked door could stop zombies! Quickly they came in and looking all around, they spotted someone and began walking toward him and I covered my eyes in fear, unable to move, but moving my fingers just enough to see that they just took him and were gone just like that!

About twenty minutes after they had gone, everyone but me came out from there hiding places, but I stayed put, wondering.... Just how did they over look me?

And then every one of them began to holler our names and of course I answered as I was coming up out of my hiding place, here I am but they took him I was almost whispering as if they could hear me...

And then two hours later there he stood at the door as I opened to the door to leave and I was shocked to see him and I jumped back, and he step in. He seemed okay and even spoke normal. But what did we know?

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