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Zen Paradox Meditation: Melody of Love.


Gaia's Sentient Surrender.

Artwork & Verse: 

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.  x



#Zen Infinity Meditation…

'The Kriya Tree'-Tree of life, of enlightened sentience.

By S.L Thorburn


Art & Prose- Copyright 2019 #Labour of Love works. x


Happy Valentine's Day on 14th February! x

Please enjoy a verse themed on the existential human condition.  The work is excepted from "Spiritual Iconography- Existential Masters."- integrating art with Gaia gnostic prose.  The book is a labour of love comprising metaphysical ontology that resonates with the meter of Gaia's sentient heart & soul. 

- Happy birthday to my brother Derry Thorburn on 13th February.


*All works in support of Stephanie's

Gaea Earth webs &

Bodhi Tree Foundation,

an organisation protecting biodiversity.

Platonic quartz crystal.


#Zen Paradox Meditation- The Melody of Love.

Culturally humanity is awakening from a latent hibernation, still bathed in the cradle of sentient belonging, touched by the eye of the universe.  The multiverse is a constant, yet a constant in flux.  We wake amidst the arms of an ambivalent partner, a partner who displays a propensity for animosity, whilst we seek an eternal life of love.  There is karmic bliss in the act of surrender to the inexplicable beauty of our living universe.  She is organic, ethereal, yet fundamentally she remains inevitably unknowable… It is the constant insurmountable battle with our latent ‘inner child’ of being that poses inconvenient questions regarding the axioms of definitive knowledge, of definitive ontology and of our ultimate destination. 


This book opens a constructive lexis of humanistic critique empowering discourses of ‘possibility’.


See:  Spiritual Iconography- Existential Masters.

Stephanie Lynne Thorburn. x

 Gaia's Feral Loving Heart.

Existentialism is a philosophy that supports human potential and human agency. It is a novel, refreshing philosophy.

Existential ontology is deeply liberating.  Existentialist Exoscience evokes the possibility that our shared universe is in reality may be innately absurd, heathen- even chaotic and feral in nature.

We may engage with the universe on our own perceptual terms.  Human cognition acts to integrate information imparted to us from the so termed ‘quantum hologram,’ to create a sense of wholeness.  One might gently mock the at times absurdly rationality of human mind.  In the West we have generated a cultural hegemony that acts in unison at best, rather like a Montessori genre nanny to support a pedestrianised, stable infrastructure.  This curious asset manifest within modern culture is no longer axiomatic- social reality is increasingly precarious.  It is universal conscious mind that ignites realisation of perhaps our most treasured asset- the formation of human meaning.  This work acknowledges Durkheim’s notion of the collective conscious mind and celebrates Jung’s collective unconscious archetypes.

We all possess the potential to make conscious choices to engage with an ethically replete, fulfilled life; forever learning, nourishing our hearts, body and spirit alike.

Author Stephanie Lynne Thorburn.



Protecting biodiversity & cultural heritage. x

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