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Who among us, as writers, has not had writer's block at one time or another? How do YOU solve this dilemma? For me, the answer has always seemed to be "Don't think about it for awhile". Go about your usual daily routine and let your story sort of steep like a cup of tea. Usually when I go back to the story, something has come to mind and I can go on with the writing. Usually a new turn of events will come to mind - something that originally I hadn't even envisioned but which now makes perfect sense and develops the story for me. And I wonder why I hadn't thought of that in the first place.

 When I begin a new project, I seldom begin writing as soon as an idea or plot comes to mind. For me, it works better if I run the idea through my mind for awhile. Sometimes it's just a few weeks, sometimes longer. I let the story begin to build in my mind, do whatever research is needed to add to the story and make it authentic. When new thoughts begin to taper off, then I begin the actual writing. In my two previously published novels, I did not outline other than perhaps a few notes here and there about something I want to incorporate at some point. I let my characters live their own lives, more or less. After all, our lives are not lived to any kind of outline that we are aware of, so my characters are allowed to live their own lives as the story progresses.

 On my website - - I post blogs from time to time. I'm probably not as proficient in that department as I should be, but I do offer my experiences and ideas for anyone who might be interested in the thoughts I share there. I invite you to visit any time, and I hope to be of some help to everyone.


J.A. Fulkerson, author

His Brother's Keeper

No Sad Songs


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