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Everybody who experimented any kind of  loses,from earthquake to death of someone loved,  put himself the question: Why me? Am I  guilty , am I blamed or I made a mistake in my life?

Those and other many philosophical questions about what our brains are, who we are, and why we're asking these questions all of our fears in life can be traced back to the most fundamental one: not knowing who we are.

And therefore, the goal of higher states of consciousness and enlightenment is to find our true identity.

Are you your mind? No,  you can  control your mind, your thought, but you aren't your mind.

Are you  your body? Of course not.

Are you the environment?

You are the SOURCE of all those things, you are a part of Universe.

It was difficult for me to accept , probably it is  for you, too.

We must beaking free from the conditioned mind  which is the root of all suffering .

We must be aware that we are the cause of our suffering  and therefore the contributing to the suffering of the world .

We must be able to observe ourselves without any judgement .

We have many practical tips and practices for applying  these principles in our lives wich  I have experimented  on my own . First of all, there are the  positive affirmations  which guide  our subconstient to  change ancient patterns.

For exemple, when you wake up in the morning let the tone of   the day:

  1. I love you, …(your name), you will have a delightful day .Thank you.
  2. I love you... ( your name) , thank you for your good ideas, for your hard work…
  3. I  deeply and completely accept all you done.

Repet those sentences  five times  to ten times  a day , last time in the evening before you go to bed.

When  you are concerning  about a situation  , about your  job or your health repet the following affirmation :

  1. Life loves me and  offer to me all things I need it now.
  2. I accept now gratefulness   the best thing  which are in my  life .
  3. I am knowing and trusting  the life take care of me every moment.

It is essential to learn  to love your self.

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