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I am sure you writers will agree, there are many reasons we like to write. For me, the first reason is that it's my "outlet". It's the way I resolve things in my own mind. Sometimes it comes out in a short story. At other times it comes out in a song or poetry or in a blog post.  (See a video of a song I wrote below)

I call my self a creative writer. I mainly like writing about life and all the ups and downs that happen in day to day life.  I am philosophical by nature and I think in great details about the things I am experiencing and why I may be experiencing them.

It was just recently that I realized not everyone can write or even likes to write. For example, if someone loves doing hair and I ask them to write an article about it, I was amazed when they would say that they didn't know how to do that. I would say, "Sure you can, I'm asking you to write about something you like doing." Yet, they was not able to write me the article and struggled for hours only to end up with a blank page or something not that great. Then, it dawned on me, "Leisa, not everybody likes to write!" It's just so natural for me, I can't imagine not being able to do it or not like doing it. 

I'm glad to be a part of a community finally, where I will get feedback, advice and overall support.  Peace everyone. :)



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Comment by JE Thompson on May 9, 2014 at 5:12am

Very interesting and it goes along with what I believe...I want to the readers to fell when they read my novels "fears, hopes and challenges that make us human. Good thoughts and points you made:


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