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With all the negative things in the world, one needs to be drawn aside to focus their attention on more permanent and happy issues. I know there are those who think it nonsense to consider life after death but Jesus, the greatest teacher who ever walked the earth, promised us eternal life. He said if we believe in Him, we would have eternal life and never die. Of course He wasn't referring to the physical body. All of know we will shed this physical body when it no longer can live on earth. it is the real person inside who will never die. It is who you really are that will live on forever. There is not a person in the world who does not believe in some kind of life after physical death. Whether one believes in Jesus Christ or not is merely a choice that determines the "nature" of that life to come. I personally believe in what the Bible tells us but there are many who do not.

FIRST ROSE is a book that sweetly addresses the life to come after this one. When our spirits (or souls) are freed to embark upon eternity, this is what I have imagined "Heaven" to be like. I know everything future will be greater and better than what is written in the book but at least I have tried. It does add a little joy and hope to the otherwise gloomy atmosphere of our societies of today. It never hurts anyone to deliberately cause their mind to think upon other more possitive things when everything else is so "negative". So, give your heart a break and stimulate your mind once again by thinking about another life sure to come for us all. Who knows, maybe most of what is written in the book is closer to reality than we think. Give it a try! You will certainly be uplifted and happy when you finish FIRST ROSE (Between Now and Forever). And...think about giving it as a gift to someone you know needs a little hug and also needs to know there is something else after death. It will make this life worth living again.

It is great for the suicidal, depressed and the lonely.

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Comment by Trudy Coiley on March 9, 2010 at 6:51pm
Mary, I read the summary of your book and I confirmly believe in life after death. Why? Because the Bible tells us so. If God made the world and everything in it, (we know no man could have done it) then why not believe in life after death. This truly gives us something to live forward to. . . through believing and being obedient to His Word. I wish you much success on your book. TD


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