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Hello Writers,

I've been scanning through groups and notice that a lot of people post poetry, comments, start discussions, etc., but when I get down to likes and comments, more often than not, there are two zeros.

Are these groups just "every man for himself" or are we here to help one another?  If we don't like or comment or reply or join a discussion, or offer some advice, what's the point?

Three options come to mind.  We aren't interested.  We're too  busy or we just want everybody to see our name, what we write, review, etc., and don't care to help others.  Just MHO.

Happy creating,


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Comment by Rionna Morgan on April 6, 2012 at 6:31am

I hope we aren't "every man for himself."  If that is so, then the solitary craft of writing will be all the more lonely.  I am inspired by the fact that we have so many facets with which to share our words.  And I am more than willing, eager really to help where I may.  

Happy Writing! 

To You!!


Comment by J. Helen Elza on April 8, 2012 at 3:05pm

Happy Easter,

And welcome Rionna.  I'm glad to see another new member and to share our love for writing.  I would be honored to have you for a  friend and to have you follow me at!/jhelenelza.  Have a blessed day and happy creating.


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