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Can't help but feel a little melancholy. The final chapter of Reprisal is now available. It has been a long ride. The confrontation between Eddie and the Shadow is at hand. After this, I am going to take a break. I need to get some perspective, but then I will be back with Severed and some other surprises.

Trestle Press presents Sam Lang’s Reprisal, a digital short story series. Reprisal is a dying town built on secrets and haunted by a mysterious shadow since its beginnings. Eddie Newport must survive one night in this town with his oldest friend as a bus full of escaped murderers breaks down on Main Street. Eddie and the Chief had a meeting with the Mayor. Five murderers boarded a bus for a routine transfer. The town is empty, everyone went to the Holidome for a weekend getaway. The town is empty, except for the Shadow. In the final chapter of Reprisal, what should have been a simple, uneventful weekend has turned into chaos. The body count is escalating and Eddie has nowhere to hide. Eddie, Arizona, the Chief, the convicts and the Shadow are about to collide at the Intersection of Atonement.
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